7 Perks to Poolside Manners

Posted March 14, 2018 by LA Scene in Home

March is a time when we can slowly kiss winter away and welcome the fresh budding nature of spring. It’s a time to think about the upcoming warmer months and start making those summer plans more concrete. Whether you’re planning a trip around Western Europe, plan to spend weekend’s upstate or chill beachside in Malibu. It’s a perfect time to start thinking about your home, and maybe even your pool situation.

Luckily for Los Angelenos, the summer ambiance is closer to a year around beauty rather than a single season. Yes, we are the city of shorts year around, we covet rain because we don’t get enough of it, and just like in the movies our pools are not just a seasonal luxury, but something we get to indulge quite often. So if you’re thinking about making an addition to your backyard this summer, you better start planning now.

Perks to poolside manners!

  1. Hosting pool parties with your friends and family.
  2. Having a collection of floaties including a swan and one for your cocktail.
  3. Great form of exercise after a hard day of work. It’s nice to have a fun way to keep that beach body in tip top shape year around.
  4. You can get a pool guy to regularly clean your pool or take on a new hobby and learn to do it yourself.
  5. Design your perfect pool deck! Accessorize with loungers, umbrellas and cool shades as you create your perfect day out by the pool.
  6. Barbeque: you now have a legitimate reason to buy a barbeque since you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors by the pool.

Finally sometimes you just want to jump into the pool just because it’s hot outside and you need to cool down. Having a pool in Los Angeles is a luxury that sometimes feels like a necessity, especially if you’re in the Valley! With daylight savings time behind us, we are definitely springing forward into warmer territy.

Pool Season in Los Angeles


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