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How to Make Cotton Candy Mojito

How to Make Cotton Candy Mojito Like At The Bazaar By Jose Andres

Now I’m no chef, however I recently visited the Bazaar at the Beverly Hills SLS hotel, and the cotton candy mojito also known as the “Magic Mojito” is quite a treat. There’s something about the Bazaar that gives your pa...

Why Avocado Egg rolls are good for you

Why You Shouldn’t Say No To Avocado Egg Rolls

So as you know summer is here and more than ever you’re probably thinking about your bikini body, or masculine trunk beach gear right about now. The sun is shining; the beach is on your mind and you maybe a little more reluct...

Spanish Traditional Food Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Spanish Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce: Travel Food Diary

Can any food prove to be beyond the gestures of familiarity? What comes to mind when you think about the Churro? For some the image of Disneyland pops up, but others are taken back to their travel diary. When traveling across t...