11 Best Burger Places in LA

Posted October 24, 2016 by LA Scene in Restaurants

Best Burgers in Los Angeles

If you are on the search for an amazing burger in the LA area, there are no shortage of choices. While there are dozens of restaurants offering burgers ranging from casual to gourmet, there are a select few that stand above the rest. With incredible flavors and rave reviews from local diners, you can’t go wrong when you stop in for lunch at one of these 11 best burger places in LA.


  1. Fathers Office

Are you looking for an epic burger? If you are ready to let the chef wow you with his own taste and style this is a great place to visit.  If you are lucky enough to land a seat in this famous little restaurant, then take the burger as it comes. Smothered in blue cheese and bacon and topped off with caramelized onions this sandwich promises not to disappoint.

  1. Stout

This pub style restaurant has several different locations in the LA area.  This pub style restaurant offers a selection way beyond the classic style burger. If you are wanting some delicious comfort food make your way to this amazing place.

  1. Burgerim

Burgerim is changing the way burgers are made. They take a large 8 oz. burger and divide it into two or three mini sliders so that you can order each to your specific taste.  There is no chance of getting the same boring burger here.  With a big selection of non-conventional toppings and many sauces and buns to choose from you can make this all American classic food different with every bite.

  1. Plan Creek

If you are looking for a trendy atmosphere and great food, give this place a try. They offer artisanal cocktails and food that is like no other.  The Plan Check burger is there best seller and has Dashi cheese, ketchup leather and schmaltz onions.

  1. The Upper West

If you are a foodie that prefers a healthier version of this food icon The Upper West offers a veggie burger that won’t disappoint. In this urban style restaurant, you will get it all, taste, quality and atmosphere.

  1. Hot’s Kitchen

Hot’s Kitchen is famous for their sliders, which are actually larger than you might think. This restaurant has a great laid back vibe. At Hot’s Kitchen they are always packed with sun tanned locals waiting to enjoy great food and beer. Stop in and give it a try!

  1. Kogi Truck

Is your schedule jam packed without time to grab lunch at a traditional restaurant?  Give this food truck a try. Whether you are wanting a short rib slider or the famous Pacman Burger you will leave fully satisfied with amazing food.

  1. Apple Pan

This charming dinner still has its original décor in place for customers to enjoy.  They offer the Hickory burger which over the decades has earned its reputation for amazing taste. There well trained staff will provide you with great food and a wonderful experience.

  1. Barrel and Ashes

This trendy Texas inspired BBQ place is the place to go.  Located in the busy Valley neighborhood you will find fall off the bone ribs and homemade sauces that will thrill your taste buds. This dinner has kept true to its southern roots.

  1. Umami Burger

If you haven’t visited this place, then you are missing great food.  There Umami burger is lightly dusted with Umami flavor and then put on a sweet bun.  When you bite into the meat you will taste a slight mushroom flavor that is beyond juicy.  If this burger doesn’t sound like something you are looking for then try another selection off of their vast menu.

  1. The Larchmont

The head chef at this restaurant has created what some would call a more contemporary menu.  You will find many French inspired dishes in addition to an amazing brunch menu.  They ensure that all their burgers are made from grass fed beef so for the healthier eater this is a draw.  Their original burger is smothered in cheese and onions making it a taste sensation.

All of these restaurants put a unique twist to the legendary classic food, the burger.  Whether you are looking for a healthy option, or wanting to return to your southern roots these places won’t disappoint.




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