3 Beach Vacations In The US That Must Be Visited At Least Once

Posted September 22, 2015 by LA Scene in Travel

You’re in that pleasant moment between dreaming and planning you next vacation. Exploring all available opportunities while keep possibilities open, from Myrtle beach in South Carolina, too the famed beaches of Malibu or maybe an adventurous time in Miami awaits you. Either way, your beach vacay is a time to relax, unwind and take in as much Vitamin D in the form of sunshine as possible.

Myrtle Beach is a destination town, with beaches extending farther than the eye can see, it’s no wonder why so many tourists flock here every year. It’s a perfect beach vacation that brings in honeymooners as well as active foodies and of course the golf enthusiasts. People visit from all over the world to indulge in fantastic Myrtle beach hotels, great southern food, especially seafood shrimp, grits, and maybe even a po-boy crawfish sandwich to indulge your fancy. Whatever type of activities you prefer to indulge in Myrtle Beach offers a wide range of entertainment options. From taking a nice walk on the pier to exploring the sparkling snorkeling waters, this beach town will put the R and R into Relax and Relaxation.

Next on the list of beaches is gorgeous Malibu, while the water is usually colder on the west coasts Pacific Ocean, the scenery continues to be beautiful. A Malibu vacation doesn’t have to be solely saved for wintertime, since Los Angeles has many sunny days year round. However if you plan to go swimming at the beach, then summer would be the best time to plan your trip. Even though Los Angeles days are filled with sunshine it does get cold, rainy, and winter season requires jackets too (sometimes). From delicious surrounding restaurants such as the famed Moonshadows and Dukes, you’ll have plenty to savor and eat around town. It’s a beach town along the Pacific Coast Highway; in a way detached from Los Angeles. So if you’re planning a Malibu vacation but intend to spend time in Los Angeles or visit tourist spots like Disneyland, you may not want to spend the entire hotel days in Malibu as the commute will be farther than anticipated.

Third on the list of beaches was a hit song by Will Smith when he released “Welcome to Miami.” Miami is a beach vacation that’s situated around a party nightlife. With crystal clear turquoise waters, it’s no wonder that east coasters escape the cold to vacation here year around. The vibrant city is visited year round, it’s a popular cruise ship terminal where they sail off to Caribbean during the winter season weekly. Whether you’re exploring the opportunity to visit Miami for a week or a weekend, it’s a fun filled vacation. Take a yacht cruise around the harbor, walk down Ocean Blvd, and enjoy the many flavors of Miami. Miami in many ways will be relaxing during the day transformed into upscale dress to impress night out.

Regardless of your next beach vacations, one thing that must always accompany you is your sunscreen and smile. Happy planning with sun, sand and beach vibes!

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