3 Current Franchise Opportunity Trends

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Nothing stays the same. That adage is as true for franchise opportunities as it is for any other business. In order for franchises to continue to thrive, both franchisors and franchisees need to stay abreast of current trends and look at how they can evolve with the times.

trends in franchise opportunities

There are multiple trends currently rocking the franchise world.

Social Media Influencers

While traditional forms of marketing remain important, successful franchisors have realized that staying at the top of their marketing game means they have to look at the new trend of using social media influencers to help promote both their brand and current products/services.

Social media influencers have been around for a while. In the beginning, most of the influencers were celebrities who would post a few tweets about a store/product in exchange for money. Today, nearly all celebrities are involved in some form of social media influencing, but they aren’t the only ones. Many franchisors have found that anyone with a good reputation and large social media following is a great social media influencer.

One of the biggest franchise trends is using people who:

  • Maintain blogs/vlogs
  • Are considered industry leaders
  • Have pull in the marketing world
  • Financial experts

Franchisors either provide these people with content or ask them to create content that boosts brand awareness.

Programs Designed to Turn Current Employees into Franchise Owners

One of the more interesting trends that’s slowly developing in the franchise world is the creation of programs designed to help convert current employees into future franchise owners. Franchisors who have created this employee to franchise owner programs like the fact that not only does it help encourage employee loyalty and decrease turnover, by the time the employee meets the program’s criteria, they have extensive knowledge of both the business and the industry, making them knowledgeable and enthusiastic owners.

Employees who have become franchise owners like the program because without the program, many would not have been able to raise the equity they’d normally need to become a franchisee.

New Growth Trends

Both new and old franchisors have started to take a close look at world and realized that if they don’t adapt their business plan so that it matches current growth trends, the franchise won’t survive. The growth trends franchisors are currently trying to match include:

  • Making the franchise more “Green” or eco-friendly
  • Making the franchise more health conscious

Different ways the franchisors are currently trying to become more “green” includes:

  • Creating recycling programs
  • Improve energy conservation
  • Eliminating plastics
  • Looking for more efficient ways to create their product

With society growing more health conscious, even fast food franchises are looking at ways they can be more fitness friendly, including:

  • Offering a more varied menu
  • Changing the types of oils they use
  • Smaller portions
  • Creating exercise programs for employees/customers

Franchisors hope that by sticking to current growth trends, they’re making their franchise recession proof.

Why It’s Important to Understand Current Franchise Opportunity Trends When Choosing a Franchise

Since trends come and go, it’s easy to overlook how well a franchisor is following them. However, if you’re seriously considering franchise opportunities, it’s in your best interest to make sure that franchise isn’t falling behind the time. If the franchisor isn’t aware of current trends, they’ll have a difficult time staying at the top of their field, making them a bad franchise opportunity.


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