3 Ways a Personal Trainer Can Help Your Feel Healthier

Posted March 20, 2014 by LA Scene in Health & Fitness

It’s the first day of spring and that means that summer is on it’s way! A time to get a little more health conscious, concentrate on becoming beach ready, toned or just feel your healthiest yet. After all what makes the summer time so wonderful is the glow from the sun’s warmth, why not glow from the inside as well!

Working out is a necessity everywhere, but especially in Los Angeles where the sun seems to shine so bright that summer is practically a year long season for us. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling of really wanting to work out, but enter a gym only to find yourself clueless. Your not alone, this is a common matter. Like everything one begins, there is always a learning process associated with discovery! That’s why investing in a personal trainer can really help you feel better and realize your goals.

  1.  A personal trainer can help you focus on the areas you really want to work on. Since they are professionally trained in issues regarding muscles, the body, and how to achieve results without getting too bulky or skinny; they are better equipped towards putting you on a plan that fits your goals. Most of the time, their plan is a very realistic evaluation of your body, with a detailed workout plan outlining what you’ll need to do to get where you want to be. When one has set a “realistic goal” one begins to believe in their goals and actualizing them becomes possible; in turn this contributes to a healthy attitude.
  2. With a personal trainer there is no excuse as to why you couldn’t get to the gym, “it was closed.” A personal trainer fixes their schedule to accommodate yours. Knowing that you have a fixed time to meet with your personal trainer will ensure that your workout never skips a session. And if you never skip a session your on you’re way to achieving healthy results as you initially planned. Everyone has a goal, a personal trainer helps you realize your  goal and stick with the program.

LaurenNicole Personal Training works on location with clients all around Los Angeles. LaurenNicole works at the convenience of the client in order to make sure they achieve their fitness goals around a schedule that makes working out a part of life.

3.  In addition to working out with you a personal trainer, they can provide customized meal plans to accompany proactive results now. Lauren Nicole Personal training provide meal plans, customized workouts and 24hr coaching support to give you all the support you need to achieve results. Working out goes hand in hand with a diet that is usually not a quick fix solution but a way of life!   

If you think Personal Training may be right for you, or you’d simply love to find out more about what a personal trainer can do for you, call LaurenNicole Personal Trainer.

CALL TODAY to begin the journey of a NEW YOU!

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Lauren Nicole Personal Trainer in Los Angeles Helping you get the body you need now

Lauren Nicole Personal Trainer in Los Angeles Helping you get the body you need now


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