5 Facts About Love that will Surprise You

Posted June 4, 2014 by LA Scene in Culture
5 facts about Love that will surprise you

For Wisdom Wednesday, The Los Angeles Scene team put together an extensive list of how ‘real love’ makes you feel. Love is a subjective feeling among everyone and we believe that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, however, love is also a universal principle that we strive to share in our life.

Love has the power to ignite excitement, build empires, and resolves issues which seek ‘win-win’ solutions. Love has the capacity to heal and overcome obstacles. It is Love that dissolve differences and unites beyond reason and understanding. Love is a feeling that’s honored by everyone on the conscious and subconscious level. We did some soul searching and asked pretty intimate questions and came up with 5 facts about Love that will surprise you.

Love that will surpise you los angeles scene magazine

Fact #1

Love is when you put other’s interests before your own (within reason). 

Love that will surprise you los angeles scene magazine 4

Fact #2

Time seems to stop and your able to listen to your inner voice for guidance and with more clarity.

love that will surpise you time los angeles scene magazine

Fact # 3

Crying with a Joy you can’t describe.

Fact #4

Laughing with a Joy you can’t describe.

love that will surprise you Los Angeles Scene magazine

Fact #5

Attempting to compete with others dissolves, and personal achievement and improved sense of concentration for the greater good evolves.


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