5 Things You Must Do on Your Next Trip to Bilbao Spain

Posted June 26, 2014 by LA Scene in Travel

Your bags are packed, maybe this time you actually tried to go light. It’s summer time but you might be planning a fall or winter adventure to Bilbao, Spain; whatever the season one thing you must know is that Bilbao is notorious for the rainy season. But with all notoriety aside, rain can be a beautiful thing: even quite romantic under the right circumstances. What ever the season, it’s always the season of beauty and with that in mind here are the:

5 things you must do on your next trip to Bilbao Spain

  1. You must cross the gorgeous white bridge of Bilbao, called the Zubizuri. What’s Zubizuri you may ask, that’s Basque for “white bridge.” The Zubizuri is tied arch footbridge across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain. It will lead you to the famous Guggenheim museum and into the city of Bilbao’s adventures. This bridge is a footbridge and crossed by locals and tourists to get to hotels and attractions with in the city.
  2. Since the Guggenheim was just mentioned, it is is in fact a travel destination must see in Spain. It is a destination museum designed by architect Frank Gehry that captures the post-modern essence of art and unseemingly strange nature of objects and concepts. People visit the Guggenheim from all around the world to visit this architectural masterpiece. Across the street there is a delicious gelato bar and macrons café. If you’re a connoisseur of ice cream and delicious sweets, you’ll be glad you stopped in for a snack.
  3. You must take a stroll down Plaza Moyua while visiting Bilbao Spain. It’s located in the heart of the city in the middle of Gran Via and has a large fountain in the middle with gorgeous flowers outlining it. It’s beyond beautiful, a perfect place to take pictures or just relax for a few.
  4. If you continue your walk down Gran Via in Bilbao, you’ll be taken to a number of shops including the Spanish Desigual, Corte Ingles, Zara as well as many more to outfit your desire to shop in Spain. After all the Spanish people love moda, and why shouldn’t they. You’ll notice locals well dressed and put together in a stylish way.
  5. Walking along the river, taking pictures and taking in the beauty of the city is a must. I recommend also taking a tour bus around the city. Bilbao has hop on hop off busses that leave right next to the Guggenheim museum. I’d suggest visiting the museum and then jumping on the buss to tour the city of Bilbao. You’ll be intrigued by the architecture and beauty that grace your eyes! Also note that unlike the rest of Spain, the main language in Bilbao is Basque and Spanish. So don’t be surprised if you hear conversation that doesn’t quite sound like the Spanish you’re used to.

Happy travels, Bilbao is a destination not to be missed in Spain!


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