A Jet-Setter’s Wish List

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A Jet Setters Wish List

Jet Setters Holiday Wish List 2017

We’re always looking for a way to make getting from point A to point B easier and more Instagram worthy!  They say travel is about the journey, but nothing ruins an epic trip like a dead phone/laptop battery or a sore back from lugging too much extra weight.

Below find our favorite products for all the explorers, jet-setters and family vacationers in your life, and they make for great gifts too!  Hint Hint.

  1. POWER UP WITH TWIST: Anyone who’s ever traveled out of the country with their Mac Book, knows the difficulties of plugging that bulky brick charger into an adapter; It’s weight and awkward size, constantly fall out while you’re trying to type.  That’s where TWIST comes in,  the world’s first global charger with an innovative design that makes it compatible with all your electronic devices, from your camera to your Apple computers.

With it’s innovative design, it keeps Apple’s bulky brick laptop chargers in place – an issue anyone who’s had their bulky plug fall constantly fall out!

Easy to carry, compatible in 150 countries, 4 USB charging ports and a wide range of different designs depending on your needs and budget, TWIST takes the stress out of staying connected while on the road!  Go to www.oneadaptr.com for the only adapter you’ll be using from now on.

  1. GET COMFY IN GRANA: Grana’s motto, “best quality at the best price” is obvious when scrolling through their website. Using the highest quality of fabrics such as Pima Cotton, Turkish Denim and Luxurious Silk, Grana will be your new one-stop-shop for all your closet staples!

For days of wandering through airports or train stations, Grana’s super soft turkish jeans and cotton tee-shirt is our new go-to.   Need something a bit fancier but still perfect for a day in transit?  Their Pima Cotton dress looks polished, but feels like you’re in pajamas!  Pay them a visit on  www.grana.com and give your closet an upgrade.

  1. THE ONLY BAG YOU’LL NEED TO PACK : When your living out of a suitcase, it’s hard to limit your wardrobe to just the essentials. Which is why we’re obsessed with this little black bag that functions as 4 bags in one by Sew Much Fun Stuff. Wendy, founder and creator of Sew Much Fun Stuff, designs and handmakes faux leather bags which function as a crossbody bag, wrist pouch, shoulder bag or even a belt bag. This cute purse is ideal for traveling, as it fits all your essentials and easily transitions by just removing or adding the strap to easily create another style.  It’s really that simple!

This unique, modern, multi-use bag is all you need for exploring a new city or a fancy night on the town.  Wendy’s designs can be personalized too. To find out more, check out Sew Much Fun Stuff on Etsy


  1. KEEP WARM AND SLEEP TIGHT WITH TUMI: When traveling during the winter months (or to somewhere cold) a coat is one of those items we hate to bring! Why you ask? When you’re traveling by plane you either have to carry it or put it in the overhead compartment to be squished by someone’s dirty suitcase.  Which is why TUMI Pax Outerwear’s Clairmont Packable Travel Puffer Jacket is a jet-setter’s dream!

When you’re not wearing this lightweight but warm jacket, tuck it into it’s own little pouch that transforms into a neck pillow.  That’s right!  You can catch some zzz rather than looking for a place to cram your coat into!  Ready to disembark and start your adventure?  Just flip the coat out of the pouch and put it on; it’s a simple as that.

If that wasn’t enough to get your attention, we love the stylish and slim fit.  The water resistant nylon and warm lining are perfect for chilly days!  All it’s missing is a hood, but with so many other great functions, we’ll carry an umbrella!  Check out all their outerwear for both men and women at https://www.tumi.com

  1. ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA HANDY WITH BEONCAM: Finally, no more digging through your purse, back pocket, or backpack to find your cell phone or camera! The BEONCAM is a timepiece, 360 degree camera, and cell-phone notification device with a microphone! You can conveniently wear it on your wrist to make sure you are always ready to capture those important, candid life moments. Have a friend who freezes up every time she spots a camera? Catch her natural beauty in her element.

This camera is so lightweight, at less than 2 ounces, and with up to 2592 x 1920 pixels, your pictures will be clear and in focus! The gyro sensor automatically orients the camera position so no fussing around with camera placement. Easily connect it to your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with 2.4Ghz wi-fi or Bluetooth 4.0. Download to your cell phone to view and share your photos or video on the go.

So go ahead and hike the Appalachian Trail or a walk along the beach and capture those special moments. Spot an elk or sand crab?  Not to fret, you can capture 360 degree images easily without missing a moment. To learn more go to www.spacemap.me 

  1. STAY ORGANIZED WITH UNO II: Sometimes the best part of a trip is reflecting on the photos and moments collected along the way. However, being weighed down by the photography gear or art supplies that help capture a moment is always inconvenient and uncomfortable. Uno II, an interchangeable backpack allows you to switch out the inside panel based on your needs. Want to carry with you a camera, multiple lenses and a bulky tripod? There’s a panel for that! Looking to play a game of tennis? Uno II has got you covered!  Want to get creative?  Yup there’s a very organized panel perfect for organizing paints and charcoals, which doubles as a great place to store makeup or travel sized toiletries (Now that’s an UNO travel hack) !

Instead of having to unzip and fumble through a bag to find that specific pencil or the perfect lens, with the Uno II, one simply unzips and lies the bag flat. Designed with creative and active individuals in mind, the Uno II has more than enough protective storage compartments to divvy up all your gear, and has the ability to roll up for quick and easy packing! Plus it’s anti-theft zippers mean you can feel comfortable taking this bag on the go!  Check out www.niid.com to learn about all the features of this innovative bag!

  1. PROTECT YOUR BELONGINGS AT THE BEACH: Aqua Vault’s FlexSafe is a portable safe that will help you worry less and enjoy your travels more.  This flexible, water resistant safe easily secures over lounge chairs, strollers and anywhere else you can think of…even the metal bar in your hotel closet!

It’s made up of slash resistant material with sewn in metal wires to prevent it from simply being cut off.  It also features RFID Blocking Technology to keep your personal information out of the wrong people’s hands.  However, for a traveler, the best part is that it folds down flat to easily fit in your suitcase or carry on.

Additionally, the FlexSafe has two mesh side pockets to store items (such as sunscreen) for easy access and the loops in the front are perfect for holding chapsticks to keep your lips safe from the UV rays too!  To get your own personal safe visit www.theaquavault.com

  1. LOOK TO THE SKIES WITH AIR SELFIE: Mini drone photographs are all the rage and we love the compact size of the Air Selfie. This tiny camera drone easily fits in your bag or pocket and, with it’s rectangular shape, you don’t need to worry about pieces breaking off easily.

The downside isthat it’s a bit tricky to fly until you get the hang of it.  It also can’t compete with winds, which easily overpower the little device.  However, for an experienced flier or drone enthusiast, this little guy can capture beautiful aerial shots (and yes, even selfies!)  So ditch the selfie stick or big bulky drone and try your hand at the pocket-sized Air Selfie!    www.airselfiecamera.com

  1. KEEP YOUR STUFF SAFE WHEN ON THE ROAD : When pacsafe built the Citysafe CX Convertible Backpack, they designed it for the hard charging woman on a mission or just relaxing. Roomy enough to carry all your excursion needs for a day, including 13” laptop. It easily converts from a trendy and secure backpack to a stylish purse.

No matter if you or your loved ones travel to Auckland or commute in Washington, D.C., this bag is a must for your piece of mind. RFIDSafeTM material prevents scanning of your credit cards by thieves.  It deters pickpockets with it’s specially designed RoobarTM-style locking system and security hooks, preventing anyone from slipping their hand in and helping themselves to your valuables.  Plus, you can’t cut through the bag, thanks to a layer of eXomesh slashguard.  www.pacsafe.com

  1. DETANGLE WITH MILK AND SASS: Long days in the sun and even longer nights exploring a new city is almost a guarantee that the morning time will be greeted with tangled and messy hair in need of a little extra love. Milk and Sass’s Macaron for Hair offers the convenience and quality of a brush needed for any seasoned traveler. Easily toss this adorable brush into a purse or a backpack, the Macaron is made for quick detangling.

Designed to solve the damaging effects of the traditional hairbrush, the macaron tames hair quickly, leaving your tresses healthy and beautiful.  We love how the stiff bristles glide through windblown and damp hair.  If that wasn’t enough, this Parisian treat-inspired brush comes with a mirror to make sure not a hair is out of place when you’re on the run!  Pick your favorite colored Macaron brush up at  http://www.milkandsass.com.

  1. MAKE PACKING FOR THE BEACH EASY: With children in tow, a day at the beach is never… a day at the beach.  From remembering sunscreen and hats, to packing every single toy imaginable, it’s hard enough to just go to the beach for a day.  However, if you’re packing for a beach vacation it seems you need an extra bag just for the sand toys to keep your kids occupied! 

Enter Packable Pails compact, durable bright colored pails that fold up for easy storage.

Give your kids hours of digging, building and sea shell collecting fun, all while saving a ton of space in your bag.  You’ll love how easy they are to pop out and fold back up and your kids will love the large size for all their playtime adventures.  Check out www.theaquavault.com


Happy holidays and keep on exploring, this is the Jet Setter’s Wish List!


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