Affordable SEO Services by Jeffrey Branover

Posted January 21, 2015 by LA Scene in Services & News
Affordable seo services by Jeffrey Branover

SEO services specialist Jeffrey Branover talks about affordable seo services and how it dramatically increases your web presence on the Internet. He consults about how there are many pathways to take that will eventually take you to the Promised Land. In this case, the Promised Land is having a web presence on the first page in search for your industry. Statistics show that consumers never get passed the 2nd page on search (such as Google) to find what they’re looking for, or even curious about. This is why it’s very important to have a solid strategy integrating the most important priority to the least important priority in getting valuable results.

By having a solid game plan, you need to have a outline with a realistic vision on aligning your business services to consumers, this will amplify the marketing development to target consumers immediately. By integrating an affordable seo services program, you’ll establish your website’s visibility as one of the most trusted websites in search results by having front page presence. The more visitors you have on your site, the more relevant your site is, it’s that simple.

Jeffrey has been consulting about affordable seo services since the inception of the Los Angeles Scene. As one of the earliest members to join the firm, his involvement in the new business development has been a crucial role in the evolution of the website’s Internet presence in providing great visibility to local as well international businesses and personalities.

Jeffrey’s initial involvement was with the Los Angeles Scene’s first client, a local Los Angeles Kosher Chinese restaurant. In his role, he created and implemented an optimized web page within the Los Angeles Scene’s directory. He targeted specific key words to relevant consumers within the demographic to increase overall sales for the restaurant.

Jeffrey is able to provide great affordable seo services in website and business development, including onsite optimization, back link strategy, key word research, Google AdWords, social media development and strategy, and content management and operations. Affordable seo services packages start at $499.00 per month.

Affordable seo services Jeffrey Branover


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