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Have you heard about the latest trend sweeping the Los Angeles Scene? It’s all about Love & Relationships. Anne Cohen writes The Scoop (about post Lakers games). She is taking on new horizons and getting her feet wet with the always interesting topic of Love & Relationships.

We’ve all been in relationships and have felt emotions that are new. If you haven’t been in a relationship, give it time and the love of your life will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Relationships are definitely part of personal development and spiritual growth. With intense feelings and a desire to want to share in one’s happiness with someone. It creates a dialogue that’s hard to express (hence music and poetry). Anne Cohen is well known to blog about her poetry, the Los Angeles Lakers, a little bit of current events, and general creative writing. Her insights and personal experience has led her to where she is now, discussing practical advice on how to choose the perfect person for you.

Her methods are quite unique because of the raw structure she lays out on her posts. However, if one contemplated for a bit, it’s quite practical and easy to understand. She doesn’t over use her life lessons and insights and believes that honesty is the number one rule for any relationship to withstand rocky waters (white lies are never allowed). Having her part of your team by simply subscribing to her social media channels as well as commenting on her posts, empowers you to take control of your life and better align your purpose to your personal happiness.

Happiness is attainable to everyone that truly wants it. It’s free and found everywhere if one is willing to accept happiness and their true selves. As the old and wise statement goes by Lao Tzu

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.”

Anne Cohen attempts to address these issues that are redemptive and liberating. By accepting fault and recognizing truth, one is able to see through the thick fog and see the true light. The deeper one gets, the more analogies one uses to explain topics, and little bits of pearls of personal perspective to help explain oneself.

We all suffer and we all know what it means to be happy. Happiness is what we all want on the conscious level. However, a majority of people choose the lower energy of sadness because we haven’t yet accepted our true worth. We are worth more than we can ever imagine simply because there is only one of us in the planet and in this universe. We have a purpose that only we can do that’s fit for us. It’s been tailored for us before we were born and only we can uncover our real mission in this lifetime.

Read her blog to stay connected with Anne Cohen and uncover your true worth today!

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