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Posted September 27, 2016 by LA Scene in Restaurants

The generation otherwise known as Millennials is shaping culture in many different areas and the food business is no exception.  Studies show that 62 percent of people still claim to love a good, juicy burger.  However, they are insisting on different ingredients to make up what the all American burger has been for decades.  Restaurants better pay attention to what Millennials are asking in order to keep this culinary icon, the burger alive.  Burgers for Millennials are no doubt going to look very little like the traditional version previous generations enjoyed, but just like with any industry change and progress go side by side.

It’s All About the Meat

Almost half of consumers, largely made up of younger generations, say they would prefer to see more chicken or turkey burgers on the menu at restaurants.  Just under a third have declared they would like to see bison and buffalo meat added to their list of options for a hamburger.  There is no denying this generation is more health conscious than any previous generation and this drive is creating an entire new market for meat.  Non beef burgers are becoming the newest trend among Millennials.  The options are becoming endless, from lamb to vegetarian meat free burgers restaurants are having to adapt their menu.  Burgerim is just the place for people to find an endless array of options for burgers.  This restaurant is more than prepared to meet the needs of this generations and the ones to come.

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Farming Practices Matter

Another trend among Millennials is to be sure that all beef came from only grass fed animals.  This feel good trend is getting more and more prevalent in the food service industry.  Not only does a restaurant need to prepare stellar food and provide a clean environment, Millennials want the story behind their meat.   Customers are also beginning to be critical over what type of bun this tasty treat is served on.  Nearly half of consumers claim they want a more premium burger bun when served at restaurants.  It doesn’t stop there! Millennials don’t’ want just an average choice when it comes to cheese for their burgers.  They want a wide variety along with premium quality.  If you have done any research at all on this generation these facts will not surprise you, this generation has information at their fingertips and they expect that to follow along in every part of their lives, even their burgers! Thank goodness Burgerim is prepared and knowledgeable to meet all the needs of future generations.

What About Cost?

Obviously Millennials are expecting a higher quality meat, bread and cheese.  In addition to a wide variety of options in these areas.  They want to see new twist on this old classic food, and expect excitement when they order a burger in a restaurant.  But are they willing to pay for it?  When searching for burgers for Millennials I discovered that they do actually link cost with quality.  This is a slight shock seeing that in other areas they seek the least expensive, but food seems to be the exception.  Studies show that they are more than willing to pay for better ingredients for a food they enjoy.  However, remember this is a young generation so cost will at some point cause an issue with their sensitive palate.  At Burgerim they have found ways to mesh these two issues.  They provide quality meat, amazing ingredients with a wide variety.  Burgerim is consistently able to do this at cost effective prices. It doesn’t get better than that!

Burgerim just opened a new location in Montclair, CA. This is the second location in Southern California. Visit them at 9359 Central Ave. Montclair, CA 91763. They’re open Sunday through Wednesday at 11am-10pm and Thursday through Saturday at 11am-11pm. You can call them for takeout and delivery at (909) 399-0009.

Burgers are an American icon but with today’s generation restaurants must work hard to make their sandwiches stand out among competitors.  They must work extra hard to attract younger generations who require higher standards in almost every part of the sandwich.  If you are hoping to create burgers for Millennials as long as you keep plenty of meat, cheese, bread options available you should attract great crowds.  Don’t forget to keep those reviews good because as a whole Millennials lean heavily on peer opinions.  Overall the food industry has found innovative ways to put a new spin on this culinary treasure.  Call Burgerim today and place your order!


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