The college education you deserve by Steve Schulte

Posted January 10, 2015 by LA Scene in Services & News
The college education you deserve by Steve Schulte For LACCD

My name is Steve Schulte. I invite you to follow my campaign blog (SCHULTE for LACCD).

I am a candidate for the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees. The election will be held on March 3, 2015 along with the election for other city offices. I am running for Seat 5.

There are nine community colleges in the district (essentially covering the entire City of Los Angeles). These colleges are a very important entry point towards obtaining a college degree as well as for preparing students to move into a sound adulthood and into the workforce. How successful the colleges are in meeting these objectives clearly affects each of us. None of the nine colleges ranks anywhere near the top of California’s 112 community colleges.

Therefore, my campaign slogan states The college education you deserve. My overall goal in running for this important office is to help improve the standards, outcomes and satisfaction rates with the community colleges.

When I went to college from a farm in Iowa I was fortunate enough to receive a four-year scholarship at one of the country’s finest colleges—Yale University. I believe that anyone who aspires to college, has the innate ability and is willing to work hard deserves the same sort of excellence in an education that I received at Yale.

So I am running for the LACCD to work with other board members and the community of Los Angeles to bring improvement. In addition I want to help strengthen the preparation of future workers for the job force. This will be incredibly and increasingly important as we compete more vigorously in the world and in the global economy. Thirdly, I want to support the colleges in helping to develop students as social and civic successes. Because of their critical position in society and in the lives of the students our colleges have a tremendous responsibility in this regard.

I have a life-long love for learning and for teaching. I believe strongly that good education leads both to personal improvement and to a strengthening of our democracy.

Thank you.

Steve Schulte


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