Down The Rabbit Hole with CND and The Blonds

Posted February 24, 2016 by LA Scene in Fashion

If you combined ’50s Hollywood glamour and Alice in Wonderland you would have The Blonds FW 2016 collection.

Jan Arnold, CND Co-founder and Style Director and her team created outrageous nails. It took the team over 900 collective
hours, a ton of imagination and attention to detail.

The nail story has four parts. “The first phase is all about Alice as an ingénue. So the nails are very light and very playful, very pretty,” Arnold explains. She shows off a nail that looks like a doily complete with mini edible cookies to match a cookie corset
The Blonds designed. Another pair of nails resemble iridescent fishnets on clear tips.

The next part of the story is Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole. Intricate designs affixed with watch parts represent her trip
into another dimension. “You’re Late, You’re Late!”

The third set is Alice transforming into a young woman and Hollywood glamour. With giant dangling flamingoes (which Alice played croquet with), feathers and a whole lot of pink, this set is all about fun. CND’s Holiday collection is full of translucency and shimmer, “perfect for this story,” Arnold shares. “Opalescent pinks, metallic blues, high shine glittery shimmery colors. So that’s how you can wear this in the real world.”

The last part of the story is Alice in the magical garden. “Everything is shrouded now in a haze of darkness. Very hallucinogenic. Neon colors. Everything changes and it isn’t exactly as it seems. So all of these nails are the acid trip side of the story. Complete with marijuana leaves all hand sculpted,” Arnold explains. She also showcases the thorny tips Phillipe wears in his first look and velvet lip nails that actually blow smoke. The story ends with the entire Royal Flush created entirely out of liquid, powder and gel.

CND And The Blonds…..Forget nail art, these are nail masterpieces!

By Janine Silver

CND for The Blonds Fall/Winter 2016 Fall/Winter 2016 - Runway at Milk Studios February 17 2016 New York Fashion Week

Wild Nail Art CND And The Blonds New York Fashion Week Runway Show Nail Jewelry Milk Studios February 17 2016 NYFW

CND For Blonds New York Fashion Week Sparkly Wild Nails Backstage FW2016 Nail Trends

CND For The Blonds New York Fashion Week Wild Nail Trends 2016 Nails With Jewels Runway Look

Images Provided By CND (Image Credit To CND)


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