Fall Color Hair Trends With JOICO Color Butters

Posted October 11, 2017 by LA Scene in Beauty

Fall color hair trends are officially in full swing. With pumpkin spice lattes, warm cinnamon smell, and October festivities encroaching upon us, it’s the perfect time to discover new ways to style your hair care regime. That’s why JOICO color butters has just recently introduced its new line, available in six hot new colors. Be bold, be vibrant, be joyful, and that’s exactly how we’re feeling on this epic ride of vibrant color.

To introduce the new Joico color butters, Larisa Love salon in Studio City hosted a fun color butter educational series to show us exactly how the color butters work with your hair. Larissa Love, the famed hairstylist to the stars spent a day walking me through the color butters and showing me just how the color butters work to add instant vibrant shine or completely change your look.

Los Angeles Scene: Larissa, tell us a little about the color butters?

Larisa Love: Today we are here with Joico talking about the newest product the color butters. Basically what the color butters are is a take home product for the consumer to eliminate fade and create a lasting vibrant color.

Los Angeles Scene: How does the color butter work to create this lasting vibrant color?

Larisa Love: The client first gets their hair done, and lets say for example the client got a bright vivid blue. We all know that vivids unfortunately fade! So what Joico did was create the color butters which is a conditioner mixed with a pigment to enhance color. The client take it home, and when the color starts fading they apply it to the hair either wet or dry, leave it on for five minutes and wash it out.

Los Angeles Scene: What if you leave it on for longer than five minutes?

Larisa Love: You can leave it on for ten, twenty minutes and it’s going to do the same thing it did in five minutes. So there’s no need to wait more than five minutes. It’s mixed with conditioner and relieves 44% of damage as well, it does all these things as once. It adds the color back in, relieves the damage, and refreshes it right away.

Los Angeles Scene: How does the color butter work with someone that wants highlights? Is it meant to be used for solid shades only or can it be used interchangeably?

Larisa Love: Basically what I just did on my last model right now was just go in and apply the color butters on random pieces to create the highlight effect. So what she would do when she comes home is just apply the color butter to the random pieces that I did. It’s super easy, you literally just take it out of the jar, make sure to wear gloves because it is pigmented, and just start applying.

Los Angeles Scene: How about if you want to take the same colors and dilute it, any suggestions?

Larisa Love: The great thing about the product is that it’s so vivid but you could dilute it to create a pastel by just adding conditioner.

There we have it, Larisa Love walks us through the super easy to use color butters that come in six bold shades including pink, purple, red, blue, green and titanium. Go ahead and experiment and play with different colors either with a professional hair stylist like Larisa Love or from the luxury of your own home. It’s a fun way to add color without the commitment of a permanent hair dye. Because it only lasts up to ten shampoos, you can switch it out, condition your hair, while continuing to reduce breakage and strengthening your strands. How’s that for some ultra soft, low commitment color fun.


So if you’re wondering how often you should use the Joico color butter?

You can use it whenever you feel it’s fading or want to add a new pop of color to your colored locks. Use it to condition and give your strands that extra pop to lock in color and create a vibrant shine.

Larissa Love Salon Studio City Joico Color Butters

Joico Color Butters Studio City

oico Color Butters Larisa Love Salon

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