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Posted June 30, 2015 by LA Scene in Services & News


Don’t let a broken appliance get you down this summer season. Ok, so you bought an amazing Viking Stove and it’s not entirely working the way it was when it you first got it 5 years ago. We completely understand, at Appliance Repair Riverside, we are experts in specializing in Viking Appliance stove repair in Riverside County.

We know why you bought this beautiful machine. It’s no secret that the Viking Brand specializes in great design, technology and performs like a champion. It’s awesome that you’re able to have a commercial style appliance in the comfort of your own home. The feeling of being a chef in one’s home is a luxury, and we believe everyone who has a passion for cooking and baking should get to experience that luxury.

How do you maintain your Viking Appliance? Do you have a proper cleaning method?

We believe that the Viking Appliances requires a special type of maintenance. We tailor our service to maintain the quality and efficiency of the appliance.

The Viking appliance is a beautiful part to the layout of your kitchen. It’s ashamed for it to not get the respect and quality care it deserves. At Appliance Repair Riverside, all our technicians are highly trained to provide best practice methods to repair and fix all appliances. We go above and beyond, attend seminars, and spend hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of appliance stove repair in riverside to continue to provide the best service in Riverside County.

Our management system is specifically designed for the customers. We take one step further, and treat each customer as a loyal long-term client that has been using us as a resource and referring our services to their friends and family. It’s more than fixing the appliance; it’s about creating a wonderful experience and providing tips and advice on how to prevent any potential damage that may occur. We strive to put our customers first. We are not afraid of being honest (in the case that it’s time for a new appliance) when there is no fixing necessary. As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves in honesty and integrity so we can give a neutral assessment. Our Neutral method is one of facts and not opinions. We take no sides and don’t believe in making a quick profit on a unnecessary fixing or repair.

Our Appliance technicians are hard working individuals that are always willing to help you. Each and every one of our technicians that will come out to you and is OEM trained. That ensures that you’re getting one of the best repair services for your Viking Kitchen or outdoor appliance

They are experts on all the unique Viking stove repair service in Riverside for both commercial and residential properties. They are able to assist with same day repairs on the Professional Appliances, as well as the BBQ sets including their outdoor collection by the Viking brand. They’re fluent in D3 models, as well as in Culinary Commercial appliances.

Trust in the local professionals to come to your home, place or business and repair your beautiful appliance today! We have all the tools to ensure a positive visit. Our schedule is flexible because we put our customers first and we keep it that way. We won’t stop until you’re happy.


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