Holiday Dress Shopping With My Cool Virtual Dressing Room App

Posted December 17, 2014 by LA Scene in Fashion

Whether your holiday dress shopping or trying to pick out the perfect last minute gift for someone special, My Virtual Dressing Room App should definitely be already downloaded onto your phone. Why? Because, finally you could take the guessing game out of “hmmm, maybe, and I wonder how it would look” game you always play while shopping for the perfect gift, look or outfit.

My Cool Virtual Dressing Room App gives you a virtual dressing room right from the touch of your phone. It’s simple and maybe even easier than getting dressed in the morning.

Just upload a picture of yourself, browse the outfits currently on display and try on new looks and dresses you’d fancy this holiday season. If you’re shopping for a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, just upload their pic and try on a virtual outfit for them. Buy the outfit you think looks best, and take the surprise out of gifting this season!

Happy Holidays and discover your latest look with My Cool Virtual Dressing Room App! Download it free here.

App download link for iPhone/iPad:

App download link for Android:

My Cool Look Virtual Dressing Room App Red Dress holiday shopping


Virtual Dressing Room App My Cool Look Try On Outfits From Your Phone


My Virtual Dressing Room App For I Phone or Android

Virtual dressing room app from your phone My cool look


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