Inside the Pacific View Mall

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pacific view mall

pacific view mall

When it comes to shopping in Ventura, one of the best places to go is the Pacific View Mall. The completely enclosed mall has the distinction of being the largest shopping center in all of Ventura County. The fact that it’s so close to the Pacific Ocean that you can take a quick dip after spending half the day shopping is just icing on the cake.

The great thing about the Pacific View Mall is the wide variety of shops you find tucked inside of it.


Whether you need your colors done, want a makeup tutorial, or just need to replace a lost lipstick, you’ll find what you need at Sephora. The cosmetic store has a wide range of cosmetics that are created by the hottest names in the cosmetic field. The store is well laid out and the friendly staff is always ready to offer help and advice.


Whether you’re trying to find a way to occupy your youngsters for a little while, you’re rewarding your child, or you simply want a sweet, personalized gift, you’ll be very happy with the Build-a-Bear store that’s in the Pacific View Mall. This Build-a-Bear store does an excellent job keeping the place tidy, making sure everything is organized in a way that makes it easy to find accessories to dress up your bear. The staff does a great job interacting with all their young customers.


Shopping and people watching is exhausting work. The best way to fuel up and catch your breath is by stopping by the Ventura Burgerim. It’s home to the best burgers in the world. The menu is full of all sorts of options. They have 11 different types of burger patties, including some, such as wagyu beef, that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else.  The list of toppings and sides means you can try more than 100 different flavor combinations.

The food at Burgerim is always made form the finest ingredients and expertly prepared. The 2.8-ounce burgers are the perfect size to eat while you wander from one mall store to the next. Best of all, Burgerim keeps their prices modest.

Once it opens, you’ll find the Ventura Burgerim on the second level.

Johnson Family Dental & Braces

Stores, food, and beauty parlors aren’t the only thing you’ll find at the Pacific View Mall. It’s also the place to go for a healthy, great looking smile. Johnson Family Dental & Braces has been serving the Ventura community for more than fifty years.

The list of services provided by Johnson Family Dental & Braces includes:

  • Crowns
  • Braces
  • Dental implants
  • Extractions
  • Cosmetic work
  • And more

In addition to great dental work, when you make Johnson Family Dental & Braces your dentist, you’ll enjoy free new patient exams and x-rays, a new patient special, and have an opportunity to join the membership program.

You’ll find Johnson Family Dental & Braces on the mall’s first level.

Botanica Amethyst

Botanica Amethyst is a fun little store. Every nook and cranny is full of interesting things such as statues of religious icons, pretty stones, incense, and more. They have bookcases that are crammed with an impressive assortment of religious books. In addition to stocking up on incense and essential oils, you can also have your cards read while you’re at Botanica Amethyst.

This fun store is set up on the mall’s first level.


Anyone who loves clothing will fall in love with H&M. This store specializes in providing customers with the latest fashions. The clothing they stock is high quality and looks like it belongs on a Rodeo Drive shop, but is priced low enough to fit in most budgets. H&M provides is a great place to shop when you’re trying to outfit an entire family. They have a wide selection of men’s, women’s, and kids clothing on their racks.

You’ll find H&M on the first level of the Pacific View Mall.

The Arts Collective

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, but haven’t been sure how to get started, you should visit The Arts Collective in the Pacific View Mall. They teach weekly knitting classes in the afternoon. You’re free to bring in a project of your own and work on it, otherwise you can knit something that is than given to charity. Most new students decide to knit a square which is attached to a blanket. Once you become more advanced, they have patterns for scarves which are also give to charity. If you feel like you need a little more attention, you can arrange for a few one-on-one training sessions.

You’ll find the Arts Collective on the mall’s 2nd level.

This is just a small sampling of the cool places you’ll find inside the Pacific View Mall in Ventura. Which is your first stop when you visit the Pacific View Mall in Ventura?


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