The Jet-setter’s Gift Guide

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For someone who spends more time collecting experiences than things, gift giving can be a tad bit tricky! However, don’t fret because we’ve picked out the best gifts for the adventurer to help make their journeys even easier and much more stylish!

1. A Very Smart Suitcase

No matter if it’s a trip around the globe or a short weekend getaway, dragging around luggage can really be a pain! That’s why we love Raden’s smart cases. Not only do they glide effortlessly down long airport terminals but a Raden bag has quite a few tricks up it’s sleeve. For one the bag connects to a mobile app and actually weighs itself! That’s right, no more guessing if you packed too much when you get to the airport. Secondly, it has a built in tracker so you always know where your belongings are; bye bye lost luggage. Lastly, it has a double port to charge your cell phone while waiting around to board. As much as we love making friends crowding around the only available outlet, we’ll gladly skip the small talk and enjoy a snack and a magazine while charging from our own suitcase! On top of all the special features, the bag has two compartments to help you organize all your clothes and toiletries and the zippers come together and lock for extra security. Now that we’ve seen the future of luggage we don’t think we can ever go back and we’re sure your favorite jet-setter will feel the same way!

$395 at

2. Cute Bathing Suits To Show Off on the Beach

Confidence on the beach starts with a really good swimsuit. Camila Swimwear, with their use of lines and colors has created a bathing suit to feel good in with fun island names such as Tahiti, Fiji and Bermuda. The tops offer a little support great for surfing, kayaking and playing beach volleyball, but do keep in mind that they aren’t supportive swimwear for larger sizes, just moderate support. Their cute anchor logo is sewn onto the bottoms for a little something extra. Made in Colombia, Camila swimwear is a great alternative to a boring bikini and a boring beach day.

$120 at

3. Comfortable Shoes That are Easy to Pack

Packing is always a struggle for those of us who like to carry too much. If you don’t know where your trip will take you (to the beach, a party, the mountains or maybe just a long hike) it can be very difficult to pick the right footwear. Which is why our entire team fell in love with Vibram Furoshiki Shoes. These wraparound soles adjust to fit your feet perfectly, just like a sock. However, the rubber soles make them ideal for exploring a new location or just running around sightseeing. By far the most comfortable shoe you’ll find anywhere! Plus the shoes can lay flat or fold up and fit into a small bag to easily take with you wherever you go. As usual Vibram is really shaking up the footwear market and we couldn’t be more excited, not to mention an array of colors and prints to add to your collection. No matter if your favorite travel buddy is an adreneline junkie, a frequent guest at the hotel gym or just a huge fan of walking around sightseeing, a pair of Vibram Furoshiki shoes will be a welcomed and much used gift!

$110 at
4. A Way to Share All Their Ideas

Technology is great but sometimes you just need a pen and paper to scribble down some of your best ideas. Rocketbook Wave is the perfect gift for the business or creative traveler. Just draw, write, sketch and doodle in the notebook then use the accompanying app to scan the pages directly to your smart phone. Your favorite traveler will love being able to sketch notes in transit while on the way to a big meeting and easily send them by smart phone before they arrive. They call it the notebook from the future and we can certainly see why. When the book is full, they can stick it in the microwave to erase all the pages and start again!

$27.00 at
5. Packing Cubes, Packing Cubes, Packing Cubes

Staying organized while on the go is no easy feat, which is why our team loves Mumi Packing Cubes. This great set of 5 cubes in various sizes is the perfect solution to all your packing conundrums. Not only does it make packing and unpacking a breeze, it also allows you to fit much more into your suitcase. We’re sure your favorite jet-setter will appreciate these amazing mesh topped cubes, assuming you don’t keep them for yourself!

$49 at

6. Constant Communication (Even When Off Grid)

There’s nothing worse than checking your phone and finding you have no service. goTenna uses VHF radio waves to transmit texts and GPS locations even in areas where there’s no cell reception. For the adventurer always running around, this small device could save their life. They come in packs of two to communicate with friends in 1-to-1 conversations or with nearby goTenna users. Broadcasting usually up to 4 miles (but can be extended when making use of the network) to make sure you’re never unreachable. The detailed maps are great if you happen to get lost and can easily send your location to friends and the goTenna community in case of an emergency.

$149.00 at

7. More Phone Storage

Smart phones are great and are quickly replacing a slew of other items like cameras and planners, but what’s not so great is when you get that little warning message that you’re out of storage. Give the gift of space with Adam Element’s iKlips DUO. These small flash drives instantly plug into your iPhone and at 128 GB can hold about 68,000 photos and 160hrs of video. Want to listen to music or watch a movie on your iPad? Not a problem. The iKlips DUO is the perfect way to add extra memory without paying for a cloud storage account. The handy USB’s have a second port to plug directly into your computer and are housed in a silicon sleeve (aka no more losing your usb caps!) in your option of several trendy colors including rose gold.

$189.00 at
8. Soft Skin in a Solid Bar

Flying around collecting stamps in your passport can do wonders for the soul, but unfortunately it really takes a toll on your skin! Treat your favorite globetrotter to PCA Skin’s Dry Skin Relief Bar. This gentle cleanser will soothe and improve all your dry skin needs including more serious ones such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. Safe to use all over the body, even on the scalp to fight itching, redness flaking and irritation. This will leave the lucky recipients skin refreshed and supple without using up any of their allotted liquid allowance.

$38.00 at

9. A Stylish Camera Bag

Johansen’s Hanover bag is the perfect travel tote for the photographer in all of us. This roomy bag comes with a removable padded camera box complete with three adjustable interior pads. We love the removable shoulder pad, because as anyone who’s carried a lot of camera equipment around before knows, that bag will easily dig into your shoulder blades! The cute design is a major upgrade from the camera bags of the past. Plus it can fit all your other travel essentials including a 13” laptop. The black leather trim and great shape make this a must for all your photographer friends and up-and-coming blogger pals.

$119.00 at

10. Cute Jewelry to Easily Transform an Ensemble

A statement necklace can really add the finishing touch to any outfit. A few long layered chains from Berricle New York will quickly pull together even the coziest of travel outfits.

$19.90 at

11. A Custom Tailor in your Smart Phone

Give the gift of custom fit clothes via your smart phone. With UKYS you can order a custom made suit or dress shirt made specifically for you without the need of tape measures and a trip to the tailor. By simply downloading the app and following the instructions, you create a custom video allowing UKYS to create a garment exactly your size. The best part, however, is all the customization. UKYS allows you to pick the style and cut, the fabric, the buttons and even the trim or lining. So this season, give the gift of a mobile tailor right in the palm of your hand for the busy traveler who wants to look their best!

prices vary

12. Beautiful Hair in a Hurry

Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend. When rushing from the beach to dinner there isn’t always time to wash, blow dry and style your hair. We love Macadamia’s Style Extend Dry Shampoo. The small travel-sized bottles are perfect for tucking away into your toiletries set to make sure you always have the best hair. Made with Macadamia and Argan oil to help moisturize and repair hair, volcanic ash and rice and potato starches to absorb and trap oils, and passion flower and aloe vera leaf extract to hydrate, nourish and protect the moisture balance of the hair. This small gift is the perfect stocking stuffer or grab bag present.

$10.00 at

13. A Simple Way to Carry it All

For anyone always traveling the importance of two-in-one becomes very clear. That’s why we love the Kodi Bag. This innovative black tote bag is roomy enough to fit all your essential items when traveling through busy airports, but once you make it to your final destination the inside pocket is easily removable and turns into a cute crossbody bag. Then when you need more room, just pop the crossbody bag back into the tote: there’s no need to take your essentials out. Our team loves how practical this bag is for everyday use and traveling alike and we’re sure it’ll be a big hit with your friends and family as well.
$49.99 at




    Great post with great tips for the traveler. I’m going to pass this off to my mom who travels a lot and takes a ton. She needs to get organized. Thanks!!!


    I think a good solid swivel suitcase is def necessary! I got 2 really good ones recently and I’m in love.


    Great Blog Post! I’m sending it to my family who haven’t quite mastered the art of useful presents!!


    These are such great ideas! I’ve never heard of the suitcase you listed, but it seriously looks amazing. Wish it wasn’t so pricey, but I’ll add it to my wish list for the future. It’s brilliant!


    Packing cubes are something I’ve wondered about for a long time. I think I’m going to have to give them a try. Thanks for this informative post!


    These are great tips. My favorite is that suitcase! I didn’t even know one like that existed, how cool! Next fave is that camera bag. So stylish. Thanks for sharing!



    You’ve pretty much covered everything to visit LA. I’ve never been, but when I do, I will refer to your post. Thanks for sharing!


    So many great ideas here! I love the idea of the goTenna: I would feel so much safer taking my kids on remote trips with this in our bags!

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