3 Habits That Molds a Leader to Greatness

Posted June 18, 2014 by LA Scene in Culture


is defined as a person who guides or directs a group.” 

Leaders are not born, they are made. They work hard in what they believe in. They are real players in this game of life. When they’re losing, they wont give up. When they’re winning, they’re constantly thinking of new ways to innovate. They’re always thinking and anticipating for the future. They wisely live in the present.

3 habits that molds leader


Being a leader requires one to step outside their comfort zone because they want to learn about new ideas. The mind is used as a tool to enhance quality of life. They believe intrinsic value is the bottom line for future development. One cannot anticipate the future with joy if there’s no value that will evolve.

They have a ‘plan b’ (exit strategy) to safeguard their well being. They believe that their work is to serve the greater good of humanity.

Investments in oneself takes priority than investing in others or companies. One must nurture their own ‘fire’ (talent), before he or she can transfer that fire unto others. Leaders understand that they are here for a reason. They are co-creating something amazing. Leaders calibrate at the level of partnership rather than employee.

The 3 habits that molds leaders are:

  • Be Grateful:

3 habits that molds a leader be gratefull


You must be grateful for what you already have before you receive more. Success is a blessing. One should be aware that as the blessings rain upon oneself. Like rain to the ground, the ground must be suitable and ready for the showers to effectively grow crops in due season.

  • Be Determined: 

3 habits that molds a leader be determined


Things you want in life will not be handed to you. It never was and it will never be. Something worth having, your dream, requires work. You have to put in work and learn the system to get what you want. Determination is your action plan to learn, listen, and anticipate. Apply new knowledge towards your dream.

  • Be Intuitive:

3 habits that molds a leader be intuitive


Listen to your gut. That feeling you have is your life compass. That’s your power, your conscious, whatever you want to call it, that feeling is your key to mastery. We all have intuition. It takes a leader to streamline and quantify their feelings toward excellence. Your life purpose is integrated with your intuition. Leadership is the embodiment of integrating these values and beliefs in the most pragmatic system.


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