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Posted February 12, 2015 by LA Scene in News
steve schulte for laccd seat 5

Los Angeles Community College

Important information with regards to the Los Angeles Community College system by Steve Schulte.

Recently President Obama announced his support for measures that would ensure two years of free tuition to all community college students.

Details of the proposal are still missing, but it’s not too soon to comment on the overall proposal.

First, tuition does not involve the totality of expenses or the community college student. While tuition support would be a help, costs for books, fees, services and room and board form the bulk of costs and would not be included in the proposal. These large costs would be left to students and their families to manage. These costs can also be overwhelming for many.

Secondly, it seems doubtful that tuition should be free for every student no matter what their background or economic circumstances. These factors vary widely so it seems subsides should be reserved for the most needy.

In addition, most students probably benefit from participating in their college expenses. Valuable life lessons can be learned from helping to pay one’s way. A fairer way to subsidize might also be to return a portion of expenses for students who have achieved some level of academic excellence. This could be preferable to free aid up front.

Certainly students should not be saddled with large financial indebtedness as is currently the case. However, as is pointed out here, there are many equitable ways to short-circuit this trend.

In short, many questions remain unanswered about the President’s proposal. This includes how to shape the proposal to incentivize both students and the larger society.

In light of the importance the community colleges play in preparing the workforce for coming generations these are not trivial questions and considerations. Solid, thoughtful and practical answers would be welcome.

Los Angeles Community College Steve Schulte for LACCD Seat 5

Steve Schulte for LACCD seat 5. Vote SCHULTE for LACCD to improve the standards for the Los Angeles Community College system.



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