Malibu: Nothing Compares to the Beauty of The Ocean

Posted June 24, 2014 by LA Scene in Travel

Where ever you are in the world, nothing compares to the beauty of the ocean. After all it’s a product of nature and the formulation of the ebbing current that brings about dreams, wonder and excitement. Just like the uncertainty of the future, the current is unpredictable from one minute to the next; however enticing it’s fair to see that nothing compares to the beauty of the ocean.

This travel photography was taken in Malibu, somewhere between sun shining to a sunset gleaming across the grandiose ocean. In between, dogs, pelicans, and beautiful white birds also took a delight in the beautiful Malibu day attracting beach enthusiasts from all over the world. So whether Malibu is in your backyard or you’re a tourist getting ready to visit Los Angeles, Malibu should definitely be a weekend stop on your travel itinerary.

While you’re there snap a few pictures, take deep breaths, look around and appreciate the beauty around you because…the beauty of the ocean is really a phenomenal masterpiece of mother nature.

Malibu Beach Side Photography Beauty of the Ocean

Malibu Ocean What to do in Malibu

Malibu Ocean Summer time in Los Angeles

Malibu Beach Photography Dog Beach in Malibu

Sunset in Malibu Beauty of the Ocean Los Angeles


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