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Posted December 2, 2015 by LA Scene in Beauty

Beverly Hills is known for it’s glamour and beauty. It’s a city that’s been on the map as a destination hot spot. Here, you’re able to dine at the finest restaurants, shop on via Rodéo Drive, and enjoy the scenic views. People from all over the world come to Beverly Hills to vacation, shop for the latest trends, and consult with industry experts in their Beverly Hills office.

Dr. Tim Neavin is a leader in the plastic surgery industry with well over a decade in specialized procedures. His skills and talents extend beyond the caliber of great cosmetic surgeons. He has dedicated his life to offer the best cosmetic procedures in all spectrums.He is known as the Beverly Hills Man; providing unbelievable results in hair transplant for men and women. Whether you need a consultation for your hair, face, or body, you can send his office a picture, and he will follow up with you within the day.

Dr. Neavin has managed his practice, Artisan of Beauty for many years. He’s chief director of operations with medical experience that can’t be matched. When he’s not performing surgery, he’s providing support to his clients. He also offers an added value to many students and individuals that are entering the medical field. He contributes his time and knowledge lecturing about cosmetic beauty and the latest innovations that are evolving in the cosmetic plastic surgery field. He speaks about medical breakthroughs, and the fundamental discipline required to achieve real success.

There is a lot that’s happening, and he believes it’s important to give back and help mentor future leaders. Dr. Neavin and his team are devoted to making sure that every client they work on is extremely satisfied. He and his team take extra steps to ensure that every cosmetic procedure is done with exact precision.

Artisan of Beauty has always enjoyed a great reputation, when it comes to specialized cosmetic plastic surgery. To learn more about his services, pay a visit to his website where you can read more about his practice.



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