Photo Booth Rental in Los Angeles with Special Needs Students in Mind

Posted November 11, 2015 by LA Scene in Entertainment

Photo Booth Media is a very “special” kind of photo booth rental company.

As a special educator myself, when I was planning a prom with our special needs students in Northridge, I wanted to get everything that a regular photo booth could offer because I knew that our students would really enjoy the photo booth a lot. I knew that for most of them, it would be their first prom and getting dressed up and dancing was going to be a big thrill. But the photo booth would also help make the evening a success. It would give the out-going ones a chance to really preen, and for the shy students, it would be something to do rather than just eat and hang in the corners. So I called Dov Viramontes at Photo Booth Media (310-256-3100).

Talking to a sweet guy like Dov was just so nice. If I wasn’t married, I probably would have asked him out myself. On the phone he reassured me that the company had everything I was looking for: a portable photo studio that came with a crew to pose and photograph our students, top level technology with the best cameras, lights, and computers, their own wi-fi so we wouldn’t get cut off-line, and really fast printing on acid free paper, so each student could have lots of photos to take home.

Besides all that, Dov gave me a terrific price, and really blew it out of the water when he told me that he, Charles, and Keiko each had years of experience dealing with special needs students in the classroom. As a matter of fact that was how they knew each other.

The Photo Booth Media photographers—Dov, Charles, and Keiko—were all so loving and kind with our students. I could see that they really appreciated our young people and genuinely liked them. They knew just how to talk to them, pose them, and cheer them along at their prom. Their funny props—sunglasses, moustaches, hats, and bling jewelry—really delighted our prom goers. Their backdrop, printed with our school colors and logo was likewise a big hit with our students.

The girls were really excited because Dov and Charles were so handsome and full of jokes and banter. The boys were in awe of the beautiful Keiko and thrilled to be posing in front of her. This alone made it a terrific evening.

Yet, there was more; there were inspiring moments in the course of the evening:

One of our male students, Tom, who had a traumatic brain injury at birth, proposed to another student with autism spectrum. Mary was absolutely thrilled to put on her engagement ring, and Charles and posed them while Dov snapped pictures of the newly engaged couple that they would be able to take home and share with friends and family alike. Everyone applauded their romance, and the couple beamed with pleasure.

While being posed, Brianna, one of our selectively mute students was moved to quietly whisper, thank you, to Charles. Her look of dazzled happiness spoke volumes.

Later, I saw Vincent, one of our students with autism, getting a bit loud with excitement, and Dov was just so calming and pleasant with him. What could have been an embarrassing moment was transformed into just part of the fun.

Then John, who has social anxiety disorder, had just had it, and he crawled under the photo booth table. This could have been a bad moment, but Dov got right under there with him and asked him the problem. Discovering that John wanted to do some of the photography, Dov pulled out an extra camera so John could shoot too, and a lemon became lemonade. John had such a great time and forgot about being scared.

As groups of boys and groups of girls and mixed groups, the ones who came with dates, came into the photo booth to play and be happy being photographed, I could see that Keiko, Charles, and Dov were really enjoying hanging out with our students. Dov commented to me that he couldn’t have asked for a more darling group to work with and thanked me for organizing their prom. Dov, Charles, and Keiko were all genuinely thrilled for our kids.


Also, our students, just like any others, really enjoy technology. They found the way the portable photo booth was constructed into a 10 x 10 studio to be so interesting, and they loved the professional lighting, computers, and cameras. They were thrilled to have their photos in minutes and to be able to use the Media Photo Booth’s wi-fi to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and email. Meanwhile parents at home were immediately able to see how well things were going.

What a night! Photo Booth Media just has to be the nicest company in the world, and finding photographers who already have years of experience with special needs students was just such a blessing. You’ll want to use this photo booth rental company for you’re your next event.

I cannot recommend this company and crew highly enough.

Company: Photo Booth Media

Address: 2355 Westwood Blvd #934, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (310) 256-3100


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