Plump Up Your Lips without Surgery

Posted November 28, 2017 by LA Scene in Beauty

Every woman wants two things gorgeous lips and a hand full of diamonds. Some woman think that gorgeous lips will lead to a handful of diamonds and sometimes they do, and other times they lead to other things. But the most important thing for a woman to feel is beautiful, because when a woman feels beautiful she radiates from the inside out, attracting what is important to her and excelling in ways she never thought possible. Gorgeous lips are beautiful, but who wants to go in for surgery? There must be other ways to plump up your lips without surgery, and that’s exactly what founder and CEO of JuvaLips wanted to achieve. Gina Frederickson created JuvaLips to naturally plump up your lips with just a minute of your time morning and night.

JuvaLips is probably hands down one of the best gifts for beauty mavens this season. They are always on the hunt for ways to plump up your lips, and now they can easily say goodbye to surgery, fillers, and needles to assist in the process.

Los Angeles Scene: What is Juva Lips exactly, and how do you use it?

Gina Frederickson: JuvaLips is a tool with a soft contoured piece, removable mouthpiece and is meant to be used morning and night. It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine and only requires 60 seconds of your time for lasting results.

It’s not only a dream to lasting plump lips, but it’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine, proving that it won’t be something that just lays around in your bathroom. When I first met Gina, my initial response was “wow your lip, they’re amazing,” following she went on to introduce herself as the founder, and of course my curiosity intensified.

She shared that she herself had a fascination with beauty and lips, and was heavily researching ways to plump up lips naturally over a three year timespan before launching JuvaLips in January 2017. You could tell that this girl has a passion for beauty and making others beautiful. She gave me a demonstration of how JuvaLips works, how easy and effortless it is to plump up those lips. Even after the first use, a person is able to see and feel the results, of course with consistent use, one is able to hold onto the results and wear luscious gorgeous lips, all day, everyday!

Plump up your lips without surgery using JuvaLips!

Beauty Gift Guide 2017 how to get plump lips without Surgery

Founder Gina Fredericks Creator of Juva Lips How to get plump lips without surgery

JuvaLips Founder Gina Fredericks


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