Prada Jeweled Ankle Strap Heels Color Trend

Posted June 24, 2014 by LA Scene in Fashion

Don’t these Prada jeweled ankle strap heels look beyond gorgeous. I mean these are the ultimate in a summer heel crush gone Prada, with suede and hints of color trends. Looking at the colors, which one would you opt to wear for an evening out? I love the green suede with blue jewels and the ankle strap is just so glam for a night on the town.

So how should you wear your Prada heels is the question! These heels are perfect to dress up a casual outfit or adorn a fancy night out. I have to say I’m a fan of all the colors. Blue, green, yellow jewels and gorgeous heels are perfect for the fashion girl on a quest to look glam hot this summer 2014.

One may question wearing suede in the summer months, however I feel like Prada always infuses a bit of suede into their collection and it just works.

Be glam and high in heels!

Green and Blue Prada Jeweled Ankle Strap Heels

Now don’t you want this Prada jeweled ankle strap heels; yes the shoe style trend is on!


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