Pre NYFW MAC Cosmetics Autumn/Fall 2014 Trend Alerts with the Best of the Best

Posted August 15, 2014 by LA Scene in Fashion

By: Annette

The best makeup professionals in the industry are not something that happens accidentally, it’s a collaboration of ideas, techniques, conversations that provide that “oh wow” that’s amazing moment of I must recreate that for everyone to enjoy. This is how I imagine makeup techniques are brought about; creative energy fused into one source of beauty that is MAC Cosmetics.

Imagine this scenario, your getting ready for a party, event or even work, but your vision brings you back to a runway look that you thought was pretty magnificent. You’d like to recreate it and you play with the tools you have, discovering something beautiful just happened. Because when you pay attention, you’re more likely to learn and discover beauties in everything, not just makeup.

But our conversation is makeup and I’m going to show you the four trends this season from the MAC Presentation last week that will be a nice didactic source for application, recommendations, and your journey towards achieving your natural glow.

MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt, and Senior Artists facilitated the presentation: Cynthia Rivas, John Stapleton and Caroline Donnelly, giving us techniques to create an un-cosmetic look with real makeup.

Giving us our most natural, beautiful glow because what looks effortless is really very meticulous!

1 OFF COLOR : What is off color trend? It’s bringing out the natural pigments found in your skin and playing it up in effortless glam. It’s playing up your natural beauty feature and really making it stand out: on both the eyes and lips. A great tip is to use MAC Cosmetics soft bristle brushes for blending and really pulling out that natural aspect.

2. STREAMLINED: What is Streamlined? Streamlined is concentration on the eyebrows, the eyeliner. It gives way to a stronger look that is emphasized with makeup however still plays up on the sophistication of everyday beauty. One of the highlights of this look was the use of navy blue tones.

3. ON REFLECTION: What is On reflection? On reflection is the natural glow of innocent beauty. It’s interesting that you quite often hear men saying, “I love my girl natural” not even realizing how amazing her makeup really is. Dewy luminous skin with beautiful gold that just gives your skin that highlight one can’t possibly resist.

4. UNPROCESSED: What is Unprocessed? Unprocessed is really about thinking about the real person. Although your first thought maybe: isn’t all makeup supposed to be that way? And although this is a fair question, we realistically apply makeup for different occasions, evening is very different from the work look. With that in mind MAC makeup focuses on skin and beauty for achieving that very natural beauty of a woman. The focus is on a subtle range of colors and pulled from the natural tones of the skin.

MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Gregory Arlt

MAC Makeup Artist Cynthia Rivas

Techniques to achieve luminous MAC Makeup Skin

MAC Senior Makeup Artist John Stapleton Stream Lined look

NYFW MAC Makeup Jonathan Saunders Fashion Show

Fashion Week FAll 2014 Makeup trends MAC Missoni

NYFW MAC Fall Trends 2014

MAC Cosmetics John Stapleton showing Streamlined trend on Model

MAC Makeup Artist Caroline Donnelly shows us makeup trends 2014

MAC Unprocessed The Row Makeup artistry

Caroline Donnelly MAC Senior Makeup Artist Fall 2014 Trend Guide

MAC Cosmetics 2014 style makeup trends you need


Pre NYFW MAC Cosmetics, just wait until details from the Runway Looks! We’ll have you lounging in the laps of makeup luxury! 


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