Spotlight on Women in the Workplace: How to Get Ahead with Branding

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Spotlight on woman in the workplace How to get ahead with branding


No matter what line of work you’re in (or trying to get into) your first step is to sell yourself.  This may be to a new customer or a potential employer, but either way you need to control your brand image, just as you do your business’.  To stand-out in a growing crowd of e-commerce creatives, executives, and professionals, it all comes down to what you represent.

Branding, or the association with a person and/or product, through strategic and curated marketing, is key to success in the growing workforce. At the epicenter of branding is creating a recognizable and impactful logo – this is key for both individuals and companies.

Italy-based Laima Ivonciute, of Rosewood IV, is well aware of this challenge and has made a name for herself as a graphic designer creating not only art pieces, but logos for clients who reach out for her excellent design work. She has been working as an artist for over three years and is slowly growing a customer base.

Ivonciute was lured into graphic design, as a profession to really utilize her creative eye and talent.  Ivoncuite’s work is centered around watercolor images that she draws by hand, then scans – in addition to watercolors, she is well-versed in computer produced lettering. Her eclectic, feminine style reverberates well with her client base – most of her work tends to incorporate gold, pastel colors and round shapes, which have an appeal because of their “soft and flowy look.”

Iconvuite believes that “great logo design can give business owners a competitive edge in the market,” when owners target customers with the right design.  Instead of creating complicated works, Ivonciute believes that a “focus on simplicity is always a good idea because it is refreshing and a majority of people tend to like minimal design.”

Many large companies agree; look at Nike’s “swoosh” or Chanel’s double ‘C’s two very simple and world-recognized logos.  Another huge factor in choosing your business or personal brand logo is color.  A signature color, for example Starbucks’ green, can increase brand recognition by 80%.

       “I think having a distinctive logo does a lot for your brand,” Iconvuite says, pointing out that people are usually looking for products that give them a certain feeling. She has found success in this field because “consumers associate themselves with the brand to portray their certain lifestyle – an important role is that the logo plays is that [it stays in the memory of] the clients.”

It’s true a companies logo can trigger an opinion or feeling, which is why it’s important to take some time when deciding on your own personal logo or business one.  Do you want to come off strong and powerful?  Trustworthy and honest? Or luxurious and elite?  The right typeface and design can really pack a punch, so choose wisely!

Interested in learning more about getting a custom logo or other graphic design services?  Check out Iconvuite’s line, Rosewood IV.  In addition to branding and logos, she designs posters, wedding invitations, t-shirt designs and labels.  Iconvuite’s work can be seen on fiverr and Etsy as well as via Instagram (@rosewood1404).

Nikanini - spotlight on woman in the workplace

Spotlight on Women in the Workplace

Spot Light on women in the workplace Los Angeles

Photos Provided By: Laima Ivonciute


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