Taking Over LA One Hookah At A Time

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Taking over LA, one hookah at a time!

The pleasantly intoxicating smell of Social Smoke’s white gummy bear tobacco has travelled from LA’s hills to Hollywood’s biggest nightclubs and all thanks to Hookahp. The beautiful hookah girls have taken the ancient experience and made it their own. Olianna, the founder of Hookahp, has capitalized on the hookah craze by bringing something new to your table, and- your patio. “We wanted to offer a different hookah experience- one that is modern, Americanized and mobile” she explains. Since 2012, Hookahp has catered hookahs to private house parties, red carpet events, TV shows and biggest Hollywood nightclubs, including Lure and Roxbury. Hookahp is also the first mobile hookah catering company in LA to offer Hookah Table Service at a nightclub. “Hookahp is the life of any party” explains Sammy Younai, a reality TV star from Shahs of Sunset and one of Hookahp’s regulars.

What makes Hookahp different?

Hookahp offers an entirely different experience- from the serving of the hookahs, to the hookahs themselves. See, if you were to rent out hookahs from a lounge you would either just get the hookahs and the supplies, or a helper, at best. With hookahp, not only do you get beautiful hookah girls as your servers, but you also get premium and custom hookahs that are made to order. You pick your base (iced, milked, boosted), your hose (ice hose, premium or disposable), your charcoal (coconut, exotica, instant), and your tobacco. Hookahp is sponsored by Social Smoke tobacco and offers premium Social Smoke flavors along with other brands such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Fumari and Nakhla. We also offer custom hookahs for themed parties.

Hookahp is a mobile catering service. How does that work?

Yes, Hookahp is completely mobile which means that we’re not limited to a zipcode. We have catered from Hollywood hills all the way to Vegas. Once you order your party, we arrange the hookahs and the servers and we come to you. We require a minimum of 3 days notice for a regular party and a longer notice for a bigger party.

Tell us about your packages.

Our packages vary in size, depending on the size of your party and other factors. The small party package is $400 and includes 2 hours of Hookahp experience, 4 hookahs and 2 hookah girls. Then, we have a medium for $700, with 6 hookahs and 3 hookah girls, and a large for $900 with 8 hookahs and 4 hookah girls. You can get add ons for additional price such as fruit heads.

Is Hookahp also a clothing line?

Yes we have started a Hookahp line which includes our trademarked tees, our specialty aprons and other hookah supplies. The store will be launching in early 2015.

For more information about Hookahp, visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Hookahp and instagram @hookahparty. For booking and reservations call 323.282.8367


Olianna the founder owner of Hookahp Table service at Roxbury nightclub LA Hollywood

Olianna the Founder/Owner of Hookahp Table service at Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood

Hookah Table Service at Lure Nightclub LA

Hookah Table Service at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood

Olianna, the founder: owner of Hookahp and Sammy Younai (Shahs of Sunset) Hookah in LA mobile catering service

Olianna, the founder / owner of Hookahp and Sammy Younai (Shahs of Sunset)

Taking over LA, one hookah at a time!

Russian superstar Geegun smoking Hookahp at his concert in LA Hookah mobile catering party

Russian superstar Geegun smoking Hookahp at his concert in LA

Photo Credit: Igor Spektor


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