The Desi Chronicles: Blogging Vs. Personality

Posted December 14, 2015 by LA Scene in Culture
Desislava Dobreva

Guest Post Written by: Desislava Dobreva, Blogger

Those of you who know me, have seen my blog or have met me in a queue already know that I’m a very sarcastic person.

Want to know what I did there? I shared one of my most prominent character traits with you in one sentence and I already gave you a first impression. I didn’t want to wait for you to form it yourself – I’m impatient like that. Second trait!

I want to share with you how much my writing reflects my (“bubbly”) personality and how it definitely reflects yours as well. Like it or not, when you become a writer, the content you create will always have at least a little bit of “you” in it – even if it’s not supposed to.

Guest Written by Desislava Dobreva Blogger

When I started freelancing, for instance, I had a client who I was writing blog articles for. Long story short, she always interfered with my posts and wanted me to pretty much be a completely different person in my writing – she needed it to be more serious, filled with tons of complicated words (because that makes a post good) and less pictures.

I disagreed and, as a branding graduate, had a talk with her where we exchanged ideas and I gave her some tips on the angle of her website content. She decided to give MY writing a try and after the first post, she loved it. Want to know why? Because when you’re trying to completely avoid the writing style that makes you unique, you become exactly the opposite: regular. If you put “regular” and “unique” on a scale, which one do you think people will prefer?

I thought so!

This is when I realized I’d only work with clients who hire me for my writing style and not just because they need a writer.

When I decided to start my own blog, I thought long and hard about the angle I want to take. Every blog needs something to make it unique – an interesting perspective, exciting photos, valuable advice, naked pictures. Just checking if you’re still with me – I’m evil like that.

Guest Written by Desislava Dobreva Blogger 2

I chose to go with what I already had: my sarcastic and witty style that I’ve been using my whole life. I believe that sense of humor is an essential character trait not only for leaders, but also for good writers. This is why I like taking serious topics and adding a fresh perspective by using sarcasm and amusing pictures. It has become my trademark by now and I’m really proud of it, because I don’t have to pretend I’m someone else when I write – I just start jotting down my thoughts exactly as they are.

I turned my personality into my blog’s brand.

I want people to be able to read any of my pieces and immediately realize it’s me who wrote it. Both my blogging and my website reflect my quirky personality 100%, because I used my favorite color, I added sections that showcase my interests plus pictures of me, which totally shows how narcissistic I am and how I’m trying to pretend that’s cool. Not to mention it never takes me more than half an hour to complete a post, which is a perfect example of how impatient I am.

By the way, have you ever thought about why the most successful bloggers always have their picture plastered on their websites? Unless you expect your readers to form an imaginary friend and call him with your name, you should have a photo up there to help them connect with you as a person. Photos, as well as videos, are powerful branding tools and if you’re looking to establish a brand and not just blog to pass the time, you should consider adding one to your blog. A video is even better – the first thing you see when you open my blog is a video that combines some of my best moments from around the world, showcasing immediately how much I love to travel.

A common problem among bloggers is figuring out who they are before they start blogging. Trust me, it sounds way easier than it is. For your blog to reflect your personality, you need to know yourself first and use it as leverage to help readers establish a relationship with your blog.

(Psssst! My “About me” page is a great example of how I’m trying to accomplish that!)

Since I went through the whole “who am I as a person?” process before starting to blog, I feel like I’m almost eligible enough to give you a few tips on how to make the process easier and more efficient. Well, maybe not Neil Patel eligible, but still – eligible.

  • Ask yourself questions

If just now you imagined wandering the streets while having intelligent conversations with yourself because “if you want to have a good talk, talk to yourself”, yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. Not!

What I do mean is: think about what you usually wear, what are phrases that you always say (I, for instance, am a known public abuser of the word “awesome”), what are your favorite foods, colors, places, people. Without going all Freud on you, let’s just say that all of these things say a lot about who you are. Aaah, the subconscious.

  • Ask your friends questions

Some time ago I decided to get my first tattoo and I wanted it to reflect one of my most avid qualities as a person that I thought made me who I am. At one point though, I started wondering whether my closest friends saw me the same way I saw myself – so what did I do? Well – ladies and gentlemen – that’s right, I asked. I told them to describe me with one word and, to my surprise, 9 out of 10 used exactly the word I hoped they would. Try it out – it will help you understand yourself better. Or it will be the catalyst for a huge fight. Oh, well!

  • Use storytelling

What’s your story? Did you come from a tiny little village and end up in the big city? Did you have a horrible tragedy happen to you that made you stronger? Did you accomplish something incredible that changed the way you look at the world? Many times we underestimate the power of storytelling simply because we don’t think we have a story. I’m here to counter that: everyone has a story and even if you didn’t have anything news-worthy happen to you – you can still use what did happen.

  • Figure out your goal

Why are you starting a blog? It’s critical for you to understand beforehand whether you want to establish yourself as a brand through your blog or you just want to make people laugh. Maybe you simply want to have an outlet to express your views or your everyday life. Or to share naked pictures. Ha! Whatever the answer is – embrace it and keep it in mind at all times – the essential ingredient in every successful blog is passion, and you can’t be passionate about something if you don’t understand why you’re doing it!

  • Why are you so awesome?

Find out what makes you unique and use it. Also – do your research. There are plenty of bloggers who write about the same things in the same way and are in my mind this blur of generic content I don’t even remember reading 5 minutes after I finished it. Sorry, not sorry! Every person has something different in his personality – we can’t all be the same. The hard part is realizing what it is, which brings us back to asking questions.

To sum up – find out who you are, what you want to do and why you’re an extraordinary human being. Once you do that, start working hard on that blog, because no one’s going to read your posts if they suck!

The Desi Chronicles Blogging Vs Personality

Just kidding – of course they won’t suck. Probably. I hope not. Good luck!

*Pictures provided by Desislava Dobreva

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    Hehe, lovely post! Especially the last tips are of utmost importance. I cannot agree with “everyone has a story”, because it is true (duh!).

    I prefer to write informative and (very often) quite long posts because are awesomER than the generic “5 things to do on Christmas in X”.

    Cheers, Desi!

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