Things to Do in San Sebastian Spain: Travel Guide Photography

Posted June 1, 2014 by LA Scene in Travel

Planning your next European getaway? Well with summer quickly approaching, San Sebastian, Spain is your perfect beach town. A travel destination to explore Northern Spain’s culture while one Basques in the sun.

San Sebastian, also known as Donosti, with locals is laden with sweeping views, gorgeous beaches and delectable cuisine. Yes the Michelin infused city is not only a spot for amazing food, Martin Berasategui, but beautiful beaches as well.

So if you’re on your way to Spain’s summer destination hot spot. You should at least have a clue as to what to do in your travels and not to miss one of the most famous beaches of the world!

  1. La Concha Beach: La Concha beach is located in the very middle of the city. There are three beaches in San Sebastian, but La Concho is most talked about in travel magazines. The beach is perfectly integrated in the city and is a great place to stop and relax before continuing your San Sebastian adventures.
  2. Milk Vending Machines : Autentica Leche Fresca. San Sebastian has amazingly delicious milk. They even have a vending machine in the middle of the city; actually in close proximity to the buss station. This milk vending machine is not to be missed, must have a least a taste.
  3. San Sebastian Aquarium: When first entering the aquarium one is piqued with interest because San Sebastian’s aquarium is actually a natural science museum as well. It is also one of the first ones founded in Spain. Before one even begins to explore the ocean’s sea creatures, you get to view models of ships and maps. It has a very historic side and blends beautifully with the aquariums sea creatures.
  4. San Sebastian New Promenade: Connected to the Aquarium, or more closely the the Aquarium could be used as a place of navigational reference. The San Sebastian New Promenade begins at the aquarium and extends along beach views and a wonderful point to begin your walk. Just be sure to stop and grab many many snacks alon the way.

Have fun in this gorgeous city if you visit, so much to do, see and eat!

Travel Photography Things to Do in San Sebastian

This is wear the New Promenade begins: those kayaks look very tempting, don’t they!

San Sebastian Travel Photography Best Places to Visit

Amazing San Sebastian architecture by the river.

San Sebastian Architecture is not to be missed on your list of things to do in San Sebastian

The delicious San Sebastian milk vending machine, now you know exactly what it looks like.
San Sebastian Milk Vending Machines

A sneak preview of the visit to San Sebastian Aquarium

San Sebastian Aquarium Donostia Travel Photography

San Sebastian river is right across from the buss station, it runs through out the city and is an absolutely stunning site.
San Sebastian River Donostia Basque Region


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