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By: Tinder Chick

That is THE weekend question of single ladies around the world. Weekends are not only for blow outs, manis and pedis and tanning salons. Weekends are also for swiping and your chances to meet Mr. Right!


  1. You won’t meet anyone at the grocery store, nor the laundromat. And by anyone I mean eligible bachelors. You will meet middle aged married men. The rest of them either have someone else filling their fridges or they’re ordering their groceries online, while tindering! So get to it and join the 21st
  2. Everyone is on Tinder, even Prince Harry. I haven’t seen him on there, but that’s only because he is in England and way outside of my mileage radius.
  3. Tinder has the largest pool of men. Don’t believe me? Sign up to any other paying dating site and you will see that every one of these men are also on Tinder. Why? Because Tinder is like Craigslist. It’s free for now. So save a buck, and swipe right! Your prince is probably on there too!
  4. Need a date this weekend? Remember the movie Wedding Date where Debra Messing had to pay a guy to escort her to a wedding? How sad was that? Now, not only do we get free escorts with a lift of a finger but we can also get a little more selective and choose him based on his location, height and nationality. Sky is the limit ladies because Tinder is international!
  5. You won’t be young forever. Enjoy your single life while your hair is shiny and your skin is soft. In the worst case, it’s a free dinner. So give that ice cream a break! He might not be Mr. Right but he is Mr. Right NOW and sometimes NOW is all that counts!

For more on Tinder for Girls check out my blog at where I share my tinder secrets, the dos and don’ts and more!

Tinder Chick Dating in LA how to get more dates


To Tinder or Not To Tinder That is The Question!


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