3 Things About Venice Beach That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted June 18, 2014 by LA Scene in Culture
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Venice Beach:

“Home to the famous boardwalk, unique style, muscle beach, Venice skate park and much more. A total destination hot spot in Los Angeles that shouldn’t be missed. Conveniently located between Marina del Rey and Santa Monica,”  This beach neighborhood offers scenic variety on many occasions.

This city is the scene to go to at least once this summer. So what are the three things about Venice Beach that will blow your mind?

1. Venice beach entertainment can be funny, cool, bikini clad, to all out freaky.

2. It’s one of the most unique places to check out whether you’re a local or a tourist. A perfect place to buy little Los Angeles tourist gifts or that funny saying that’ll leave you chuckling for days.

3. Venice Beach is a scene to be seen, setting the tone for a beach vibe unlike any other.

The wide variety of things to do have made this part of town popular with people all over the world. Because the locals and tourists love this place, it became an ideal destination spot for fun and excitement. By the boardwalk, people gather to see a show, shop, or grab a bite at one of the local restaurants.

There have been many talented people and groups formed by the shores of this town. The famous rock band The Doors were founded in Venice. Famous movies were filmed here such as The Circus starring Charlie Chaplin, Lords of DogTown,  American History X,  Sugar, and much more.

Venice Beach is known for the creative and artistic types. It inspired many people to write beautiful poetry, excel in their crafts, while enjoying this beach town. Los Angeles weather conveniently makes hanging out by the beach a normal thing to do, hence Bay Watch. I’m sure you remember that one!

There are many unique shows by entertainers all over the world that will surely blow your mind. So much talent is found within Venice Beach. Be careful, some shows may catch you by surprise, stretching the boundaries of the imagination, and others will just leave you delightfully entertained.

Venice Beach has a style on it’s own. Walk along the boardwalk, rent a bike, or rollerblade down to Palisades; its uniqueness has made it a destination tourist must stop any day of the week.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the beach, and enjoy sunny LA!

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