How To Wear An Open Back Dress This Holiday Season?

Posted December 16, 2014 by LA Scene in Fashion

You’ve spotted the perfect open back dress. Not only does it look amazing on, but it’s the perfect amount of sexy to feel as if you’ve got an edge this holiday season. It sparkles, shines and the situation couldn’t be more perfect, except the back is completely open. So you wonder for a quick minute in the fitting room! How to wear an open back dress this holiday season? Questions arise like what bra should I wear with an open back dress?

The problem with choosing the right bra is that you want it to look great in the front as well as the back. With these type of cocktail dresses or gowns, the emphasis is always on the back, but we all know what’s in front is just as important as the back. A total look makes an outfit, not a one sided effort. So we peddle back too how to wear an open back dress? First of all you could ask for help. Brave the lingerie department and ask a sales associate to suggest a type of bra for your dress. Based on your bust size, suggestions will vary. Another idea is to actually bring the gown in and try different options.

Don’t be quick to put a open back dress aside because of your preconceived dilemma. Instead embrace it, be sexy and discover your style one holiday party at a time.

How to wear an open back dress this holiday cocktail dresses by Alon Livne


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