Why You Shouldn’t Say No To Avocado Egg Rolls

Posted June 24, 2014 by LA Scene in Health & Fitness

So as you know summer is here and more than ever you’re probably thinking about your bikini body, or masculine trunk beach gear right about now. The sun is shining; the beach is on your mind and you maybe a little more reluctant to grab an extra hand full of chips in order to shed those few extra unwanted pounds. This may in fact be a wise decision; but while we’re foregoing the chips lets not do the same with the avocado.

Eating is a social adventure, and you don’t necessarily have to say no to all the “fun” food on the menu. I’m specifically referring the avocado egg rolls! Because although they sound kind of healthy, the egg roll part can be viewed as a fried unnecessary food. This is partially true, but avocado is healthy and can actually help lower cholesterol, make your skin glowy and contains a handful of vitamins like vitamin B6 and folic acid to maintain a healthy heart.

Have fun, enjoy summer, and be adventurous when it comes to food. If you’re going to have fried, might as well combine it with wholesome nutrients like avocado. And next time you’re at a restaurant and contemplating ordering a salad versus avocado egg rolls: just remember unless you’re requesting the dressing on the salad, more than likely the calories will be of equal value!

Bon Appétit Avocado Egg Rolls

Why Avocado Egg rolls are good for you


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