Why Working From Home Can Actually Increase Stress Levels

Posted May 29, 2014 by LA Scene in Health & Fitness

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Remember that episode of Will and Grace where Karen Walker tells Grace Adler to relax while working for her? Stating that the only reason she even comes to work is to bring herself back down to earth with all the common people, and make her feel as though she belongs. Her reasoning for working maybe very different from ours, granted the very wealthy role she played. However she make a point that helps us examine the question, does working away from home reduce stress? If it does reduce stress in certain environments, I begin to wonder who is more likely to take it easier men or woman!

We begin to examine the reasons that woman may find it more favorable to escape to work for a couple of hours a day. If you’re doing the full nine to five, and have to balance a family, kids and a husband; just the thought of being fully employed makes you wonder where to find additional hours to get through the day. But one must always remember that everyone functions slightly differently. Many times the work place is a great way to get away from the responsibilities of family life and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Being able to balance a home life with an active career is challenging but also gives you a chance to distress from what’s going on in the household! For example, when you’re at work, your job is to concentrate on what needs to be achieved. Whether you’re in a service industry or working on strategic planning, it’s time allotted to something outside the home and can actually help you decrease stress and confidently upscale your ability to multi-task and deal with various situations.

What do you think about working from home? Does it increase stress levels or make life slightly easier?


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