JC Penney and Compassion Brands Says No to Bullying

Posted July 15, 2014 by LA Scene in Culture

You may remember an article up on Los Angeles Scene a couple months ago detailing an anti-bully event at local private high school, Milken in Bel Air. Yes, students got together with Compassion Brands, organized a talent show in order to raise awareness concerning the harm bullying causes students. Why the concern, because no one likes a bully, especially the one getting bullied! Compassion Brands wants to put a stop to the bullying torment and with this comes friendship bracelets.

In the eighties friendship bracelets was something girls in elementary school would sit in the playground and take turns crafting. First one girl would hold it, then the next; similar to Chinese jump rope. Sometimes it’s your turn to jump and sometimes you’ve got to be the one holding the string! Either way it’s a game of friendship, and the anti-bullying brands is all about peace and compassion,

Compassion Brands is expanding awareness and just launched an exclusive line of friendship bracelets in over 500 JC Penney stores nationwide as well as online. That’s right, compassion is all about friendship and now you too could participate in this by wearing one of Compassion Brands friendship bracelets. They’re definitely cutsie, with motivational words like: ‘nobody likes a bully’ ‘kindness’ and ‘anti-bully!’ Looks like these bracelets may just be the perfect message for hope, peace love and everything anti-bully!

JC Penney and Compassion Brands Say No To Bullying!

Compassion Brands wants you to know that what you wear can make a difference. Quite often fashion and philanthropy have a way of interweaving and contributing to a better tomorrow!

Compassion Brands JC Penney Friendship Bracelet Launch

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