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Posted October 22, 2013 by LA Scene in Health & Fitness
Kung Fu private lessons in Los Angeles for self defense and health and Fitness

Three thousand years ago may seem like a ways trek but Traditional Chinese Kung Fu holds its way in tradition and continues to be a great way to get in shape. Just ask Julian of Kung Fu Way, a master of self-defense who says “building confidence and strengthening the body and mind go hand in hand.”

Trained in working with experienced black belt or beginners looking to expand their martial arts background, Julian Klotz has been teaching classes and training students for over 14 years. Now that’s some experience under his belt. Although its important to be physically well and utilize exercise to your advantage, Los Angeles is the city of Stars and fantastic bodies. Where beach season unexpectedly sneaks up on us year around, why not be in top toned shape while being aware of your surroundings and improve your self-defense.

Health and Fitness begins with movement! Move with Kung Fu Way where the first private lesson is always complimentary.

E-mail: sifujulian@gmail.com

Martial arts instructor Julian Klotz teaching health fitness

Health Fitness instructor Julian Klotz Martial Arts

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