Man Style: Which Suit Fits Your Career

Posted May 11, 2014 by LA Scene in Fashion

Your have an interview lined up, your about to meet with a perspective client, or are getting ready for a trial you’ve been preparing for. No matter the situation, whether you’re a lawyer, financial advisor or head the advertisement team at your firm, appearance is key and cultivates perception strategies.

It’s important to have a sharp suit that is both pragmatic but exudes the confidence that makes you stand out. Achieving your dreams is no walk in the park, but they say that everything worthwhile doesn’t come without a push in the right direction. So while you think you’re style sense may be slightly skewed, we’re going to at least suggest the right 8 suits to put you on track with your carreer.

1. The Lawyer

As a lawyer you must be ready to wow the judge just as you may want to wow your client to hire you. You want your image to emulate success while simultaneously caring about your clients needs. You want to be firm yet empathetically understanding of concerns.

May we suggest the plaid jacket. Plaid is a style piece, it can suggest an interest in trend. However it is also a classic staple that can easily be worn in combination with a variety of slacks, suggesting a flexible and willingness to cooperate with a client. This in turn is an attractive quality that will enhance one’s willingness to want to do business with you.

The Lawyer

The Lawyer

2. The Talent Agent

While the talent agent is always on the look out for the hottest next best thing, he must also remember that his image is just as important as his clients. After all if his potential client is really the “up and coming sensation” she must believe that he is as put together as she is.

Appearance is key and a well-tailored suit is apropos to the occasion. The dark pin-stripe suit is sharp and structured. It perfectly matches with the pants and gives off a very serious impression. Current and new talent must believe that this agent will make their dreams come true. Therefore a serious suit is definitely a suggestion for effectively marketing yourself as a vision of success in your talents eyes.

The Talent Agent

The Talent Agent

3. The Financial Advisor

Whether you’re going on an interview with a potential firm or are wowing your next client. A financial advisor must be a innovative and clear thinker, this slightly brighter suit is ideal for the man willing to take chances.

You’re appearance suggests innuendos about your personality. The suit maybe a bit brighter but it has a uniform present about it, the pin stripe shirt is perfectly coordinated with the matching tie that pairs with the suit. This look suggests accordance even though it’s slightly brighter. The uniform suggests you will most likely follow through, which is the desired effect of a financial advisor.

The Financial Advisor

The Financial Advisor

4. The Hedge Fund Manager

A hedge fund manager requires something very serious. You may opt for the standard two piece, but will most likely want to get noticed in a three piece tailored to perfection suit. For obvious reasons, you love to stand out and may even have your initials sewed onto the inner sleeves of your shirt.

The Hedge Fund Manager

The Hedge Fund Manager

A quality suit is just as on par as productivity in the office any day of the week. When you put on a suit, not only do you look awesome, just think back to Barney from How I Met Your Mother. The guy pretty much convinced himself he could achieve anything in a suit; if the suit ups your confidence, you’re one step closer towards your vision.

Presentation is key, and just to make sure you’re up to par on your suit stats here’s a few more ideas that may just fit your career personality. Suit up with success; this is your man style. Define your image, succeed at your career, and be your best self.

Man Style: Suits to fit your career.

Man Style: Suits to fit your career with a bow tie

Man Style: Picking a Suit to Fit Your Career

Man Style: Picking a Suit to Fit Your Career

A pink shirt with a grey suit: Pick the Right Suit to  Fit Your Career

A pink shirt with a grey suit: Pick the Right Suit to Fit Your Career


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