Peter Facinelli Hosts Pre-Dinner at Les Coulisses In Support of Orthopedic Institute for Children “Swing for Kids Golf Classic”

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Orthopedic Institute for Children dinner in LA hosted by Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli, a father of three hosted a pre-dinner benefit at Les Coulisses in support of Orthopedic Institute for Children’s upcoming event, “Swing for Kids Golf Classic.” It serves to benefit children who need Orthopedic services, providing access and care to all children from all walks of life. It is an annual fundraising event hosted by Craig T. Nelson that will take place on November 6th, 2017 to continue the success that supports children in need.

The golf tournament is set to feature tequila tastings, hand rolled cigar bars, pop up tastings, and a variety of surprises to delight attending guests at Palos Verdes Golf Club. Guests will experience a fun day of golf and the significant satisfaction and knowledge that all proceeds will be used towards the building of a new physical therapy center to help kids heal faster, and give parents the tools necessary to aid in their child’s rehabilitation process.

During the pre benefit dinner hosted by Peter Facinelli, we got to meet with the doctors that run the Orthopedic Institute for Children, as well as the behind the scenes business directors. One thing that stood out throughout the entire night was the uncanny passion that each physician had for the group of children they were caring for. There was so much pride, and emphasis on how much good is being done for these kids. Accompanied by a group of doctors that absolutely love taking care of children. One doctor in particular moved cross country from Chicago to take on this role and be a thriving physician at the Orthopedic Institute for Children.

Children really have an all access ticket for care at the UCLA partnership with Orthopedic Institute for Children (OIC), established in 1911. They’ve been serving the community regardless of the ability to pay, these children do not need access to insurance or funds; if they need orthopedic services they just need to approach the OIC. The Orthopedic Institute has a unique relationship with UCLA Health, OIC is a non profit that is able to use the UCLA Health facility and access care to some of the best orthopedic doctors in the world. On an average there are about 35,000 children that come through the Orthopedic Institute for Children’s doors every year, and that number is continuously growing. That is why this golf tournament is so important to the non-profit, they are on a mission to raise money and continue to expand resources to provide these children the highest standards of care available. They’re in a campaign to rebuild the urgent care to go from a 9 bed facility to a 15 bed facility. With 21 orthopedic subspecialties, they are able to recruit the best physicians in the world because they support their education efforts, and have proven longevity, as well as offering each physician a faculty position at UCLA Medical School.

They attract the crème de la crème of pediatric Orthopedic’s and continue to maintain highest ethics when it comes to patient care. Actor, Peter Facinelli, hosted the evening and I asked him what it was that attracted him to this organization. His response summed up the value driven effort that this organization strives to achieve, “I like being part of things that help children, especially having a daughter that was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at 6 years old. It’s really important to make sure that kids are out playing and not sitting at home hurt.” He’s an active dad, coached his daughters soccer team, and was introduced to the organization by a friend that really supported the cause, and now he’ll be attending the Swing for Kids charity. He’ll give it his best swing for the kids, because the goal is to generate more donations and provide every opportunity for these kids to be active, healthy and overcome orthopedic challenges that may come there way.

Peter Facinelli hosts Pr Dinner for Orthopedic Institute for Children

Peter Facinelli hosts Orthopedic Institute for Children Dinner

Les Coulisses in downtown LA dinner for Orthopedic Institute for Children

newly launched restaurant Les Coulisses in Downtown LA

Orthopedic Institute for Children dinner in LA hosted by Peter Facinelli

Photo Credit:  Michael Bezjian


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