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Jeff Koons Quotes on Los Angeles Scene

Jeff Koons Modern Artist – Quotes of the Day

Jeff Koons “I always liked disney films. To this day I think ‘Bambi’ is great.” – Jeff Koons   { Jeff Koons is an artist that specializes in sculptures as well as other forms of art and expres...

Jeff Koons Puppy Los Angeles Scene

Inspirational Quote – Jeff Koons

Inspirational Quote of the Day: “As an artist, I’ve always wanted to participate in the dialogue of art with artists.” – Jeff Koons

Hearst Castle - Neptune Pool

Travel Photography: Hearst Castle A California Tourist Hot Spot

There are so many hot destination spots nestled in between the must visit places and the places so gorgeous that they deserve their own travel photography. Hearst Castle is definitely one of those places in the world that peopl...