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MAC Toledo Makeup Launch Robertson Blvd Event Hot Makeup trends 2015 body paint

MAC Toledo Outfits A Night of Body Paint Glam With A Launch Party Extravaganza

What do you get when you cross a romantic couple that design extravagant figments of the imagination and collaborate with MAC Cosmetics? You get a line inspired by the vibrant energy of talented design and illustration by Isabe...

8 Health Benefits of Yoga that will Transform your Life

8 Benefits of Yoga that Will Transform Your Life

Yoga is a powerful exercise known to transform both the body and mind in a productive way. There’s a reason that you’ve heard coworkers and friends gush about how much they absolutely can’t be without their mo...

Hot Red Ferrari in Beverly Hills

What does a Brilliant Red Ferrari Driving Machine Look Like

The color RED is all about ACTION, BEAUTY and CONFIDENCE … and in this case SPEED. FERRARI PERFECTION captured in the Ritsy and Glamorous Beverly Hills, California Via Rodéo Dr. 90210. Some traditions consider RED a colo...