Terre Haute by Edmund White

Posted January 26, 2015 by LA Scene in Culture
I want to give you a brief update on my campaign for the Los Angeles Community College District (March 3 election). Your continued support is greatly appreciated. As I have said previously, a contribution to the campaign (SchulteforLACCD) of $25 or more would be terrific, volunteer time would be fantastic.
Please come to the staged reading of Edmund White’s terrific and captivating play “Terre Haute” on Sunday, February 1 at 5 PM in Silver Lake. It centers around a series of imagined conversations between Gore Vidal and Timothy McVeigh on death row. It’s a wonderful play—-taut, thought-provoking. It also refers to the harmful effects of the lack of good education. I hope you will join us.
Also, please check out my campaign website. I hope you will enjoy my regular blogs regarding issues affecting the District. I welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions.
I hope this finds you well.


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