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Hotel Le Six Room Service in Paris

Guide to Surviving Paris Fashion Week

By Janine Silver It’s hard to imagine having anything but a spectacular time in the city of lights. However, we’ve visited the hotels, tasted the dishes and drank all the wine to make sure you have the best time pos...

Travel Iceland Places Photography

Investigate Iceland Travel

By Janine Silver and Lesley Reider If it’s not already on your radar – Iceland is somewhere you really need to include on your bucket list. It is the home to a beautiful and varied landscape – glaciers, waterf...

Myrtle Beach Night Life South Carolina

3 Beach Vacations In The US That Must Be Visited At Least Once

You’re in that pleasant moment between dreaming and planning you next vacation. Exploring all available opportunities while keep possibilities open, from Myrtle beach in South Carolina, too the famed beaches of Malibu or mayb...