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Emily Kapit resume writer and career strategist

Spotlight on Women in the Workplace: Get Ahead with a Career Coach

  Looking for a new job can seem like a daunting task. You dig up your resume only to fnd it still lists babysitting under your current work experiences. Plus you’re quick to realize that applying for a new position feel...

Spot Light on women in the workplace Los Angeles

Spotlight on Women in the Workplace: How to Get Ahead with Branding

  No matter what line of work you’re in (or trying to get into) your first step is to sell yourself.  This may be to a new customer or a potential employer, but either way you need to control your brand image, just ...

Rebecca Minkoff with Melyssa Ford at Event

Q&A with Rebecca Minkoff

By: Janine Silver At the end of July, Rebecca Minkoff opened up her studio to support professional women. Hosted by Ladies of New York City, Rebecca spoke about her whirlwind start in fashion as well as giving back, before open...